Sunday, January 2, 2011

How many people were killed for real in The church attack !?

How many people were killed for real in church attack ? how many people have been injured in the attack ??
The latest official numbers we have got are : 21 are dead and 99 are injured , the official media likes to remind us that there are : 3 security members in the victims , 4 were transferred to Cairo and 43 have left the hospitals.
Now EA world view website speaks about more than 40 being killed based upon the doctors of Saint Mark hospital which is besides the church and the first recipient of victims in the attack. 
Knowing the old habit of the government I believe more victims could have been killed but 50 !!? You can’t hide that number because the Church will not be able to contain the anger the people if their victims are denied especially there will be funerals and so on.
Because we do not have something called transparency in Egypt , we expect this contradictions in data.
Up till now there are people who can’t find their families members in the hospitals among the victims whether
Al Masry Al Youm published early list with the names of the victims.


  1. This is the work of Israel.

  2. Of course it was Israel, or Iraq, or Syria, or Sudan, or Algeria, or Qatar, or Iran or ...

    Egyptians would/could never ever commit such a heinous act of atrocity!

  3. It's not about Egyptian morality in commiting or not commiting such a crime; it's about how it was executed[ and until we know more: planned]. Surely there have been many crimes commited by Muslim Egyptians against their Christian brethren; they always involved stabbing or drive-by shootings or family disputes ..they had a very familiar pattern, didn't involve much planning..driven by rage or passion. This one is very different, it was a first to use a car rigged bomb[at least that was the offical story right after]. required much planning prior and naturally the preparation of the explosives etc and even if it was a suicide bomber [i.e not remotely detonated] that would still make it a first in secatarian/terrorist attacks in Egypt. Although I'm not really buying that loner suicider story until further evidence emerges.. to the government it's easier to claim no secuity shortcomings or take the blame if it's a suicide bomber because it's very hard to assume the intention of a passerby while a rigged car bomb means the 4 coppers guarding the church are directly responsible because
    1- they allowed a car to park near the entrance
    2- not getting suspicions about it
    Meaning that will further enrage Christians and trigger more protests and confrontations with the regime- something Mubarak does not want.

    That's the reason people are pointing fingers in different Iraq and isreal, it isn't about diverting the blame because no Egyptian can do it, there are all assumptions because so far there is no solid proof to indicate the perpetrators but there is something as analytical thinking and educated guess.


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