Egyptian Chronicles: Let’s Investigate That Page Either Way

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Let’s Investigate That Page Either Way

Before last year ended and the new year started violently and bloody in Egypt , many Egyptians were following on Facebook the saga of the “First suicide case in Egypt in year 2011”
The saga started when we found on the Facebook a page made allegedly by a young man who announced that he was going to commit suicide after 48 hours of launching the page on December 29th.
We do not know exactly who is or was behind that page despite the speculations the only thing we know that he is a student or is still studying at the Cairo university and he is or was frustrated human being who could not take it anymore from this country that he loves/loved so much.
Now many people believe that this alleged young man could be the suicide bomber who blew himself at the two saints church in Alex because he has not updated the status up till now plus he told the world on that page that Egypt will know about his suicide in a very loud way. Among his last messages in the page were a message at Friday 9:58 PM asking the people’s opinion if he jeopardized other people’
Check the time stamp
I do not know if that was a Photoshop miracle or what !!
Either ways in respectable civilized countries the people must report this page to the authorities so they can save this young man , I remember that incident on twitter where Demi Moore and other saved some woman who was going to kill her by calling the police. If that young man was behind the incident then we should know , if he killed himself in his room , then we should know and if he is bluffing and attention seeker , then we should know too.
I think that he is attention seeker , if you want really to commit suicide you  do not announce it in the Facebook except you want the people to stop you from doing so.
Update : 
There is another page that was launched today in the Facebook under the name "The second suicide in Egypt 2011" and it has got that very interesting wall message that was sent from two hours ago.
This time will be different 
This time it will be different , no division will happen because of me like what happened in the first accident , this time everybody will be happy , 99.9% of the Egyptians will be re-born again and my name will be there after 100 years everywhere !!
So Mr. I will suicide in 1st January 2011 has not actually committed suicide after all according to that message.
I do not know if it is a sick prank or it is some kind of anarchic group , yes anarchic group or anarchic person or what exactly.
Mahmoud Saber found the profile of that "I am going to suicide in 2011" and he is so alive that he made his profile private !! 
I think the MOI should arrest that young man for disrespecting our feelings and exploiting a catastrophe like that !!
First Screen Cap source : Mahmoud Saber
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  1. tb did you see the 2nd page?

  2. firstly, i made sure about comments he wrote by my self and found it's true.
    secondly, he wrote two notes telling us about his last visit to Cairo university and how much he loves the place and people, so, he's in cairo not alex!
    thirdly, i believe this page hides something weird, the creator profile has been created before the page by few hours,has only sex friends all of them added him to advice him positively against what he wants to do.. and it seems the profile is just to create the fans page.
    he was trying to promote the page as much as he can!
    one other thing i just found out a second ago, only five mins ago i was able to check the profile and all his stories and ONLY right now i can not check it .. the profile only shows the groups and some other information!
    the profile owner made privacy setting changes just right now!
    the profile link :

  3. Zeinobia,

    The comments in the posted photo is clearly after the church incident.. People involved in the discussion already show the viral "crescent & cross" profile photo that started to appear only after the incident to compassion with our fellow patriots

  4. I think this is fake...
    If you notice in the first picture, a couple of the ppl answering him have the Crescent & Cross profile pictures...
    These pictures didn't appear on Profiles, especially Muslim profiles, except after the Bombing, actually a few hours later...

    I guess this is a Photoshop.. at least the timings are..

  5. How come that 180 (!!!) people like that??? :(

  6. I just noticed that if you take a snapshot of an old conversation, it appears with new Profile Pics..
    So my Theory is wrong...

  7. in my opinion that is fake check the profile pic of ramzy ramyz in the 4th comment this pic was added to the profiles after the accident so how come he is using this pic before the accident???

  8. guys the profile avatars are updated in the Facebook.

    @Mahmoud Saber , do not forget that other page he has created today , I think the MOI should get him for disrespecting the pains of others.

  9. that's so suspicious the MOI should get him and they can get him at least to know his story as i believe he is still alive , nobody wants to commit suicide and invite people to prevent him,whoever wants to kill himself will do it at once without hesitation or rethinking because if he thinks he will not do it.


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