Saturday, January 15, 2011

Long Live The Free People of Tunisia

This video is very touchy , I felt that I was going to cry as the lady who filmed even though I am not Tunisian but as an Arab citizen , I feel how she feels , I feel how this man feels .
From Bourguiba street
According to sources in the Tunisian army the Police set the prisoners from main prisons free and ordered them to attack the civilians and starting looting shops and homes. In fact some policemen have started to loot and terrorize the citizens across the country to give an impression that there is no order in the country after Ben Ali. Still the army is standing to the side of the people , there are special numbers announced through out the media the people should call if they are in need to the army help. The citizens themselves are protecting their properties ,they started to form security teams themselves.
Now here is a little photo showing the police itself looting stores in Tunisia !! “Nawaat”

The army arrested state security members attacking hospital !!
The Ben Ali party is still in control , that acting president Ghannouchi has come in the same way Ben Ali did in 1987. The people of Tunisia refuse this completely but there is a question who will rule the country , some people trust the army as far as I see but we all know the cons of the military rule. There is no doubt that Ben Ali created a problem as there is no real opposition , no real leaders for real in the country to lead it. “It is same situation in most Arab countries”
Ben Ali has reportedly landed in Jeddah and the Saudi bloggers and tweeps are extremely angry. Ben Ali was on air for more than 7 hours since 5 PM Tunis Local time !! About 4 countries refused to host him including France.
Acting President Ghanouchi in a very late on air interview through the Telephone with Al Jazeera Arabic “about 2 AM Cairo local time” asked the Arab countries to help Tunisia and Tunisians in calming the situation
Update : Saudi Arabia has issued an official statement announcing that it has granted his so called excellency President Ben Ali and his family an asylum despite considering the unexceptional circumstances the Tunisians have been through  !!


  1. I watched it three times so far, and cried every time. Thank you for posting.

  2. saw this video link on tweeter and cried though am not Tunisian but we are all human being and felt their pride and joy being free from sufferings under dictatorship! God bless all the Tunisian people and may Allah swt place those who died in this process and place them in Jannah insyallah.

  3. Egyptians: you can do it too. Popular uprising is tough and costly, but your latent power demonstrated over the history is a proof you can do it.

  4. Please do a translation on this video. Thank You

  5. The video works for me. "Long Live The Free People of Tunisia" -- is that what the guy is yelling?

  6. Thats a SMART population..IF this happens in Egypt it will be all centered around RELIGION- & we will have BEARDED SALAFIS & WAHABIS slaughtering people in the streets & enforcing the garbage bag nikab..this is exactly what Egypts goverment wanted & they succeeded, because as much as i hate Egypts govt, i'm also scared of what could come...and i'm a Muslim

  7. God bless Tunisia and her courageous people! This is the best news of this year so far. May be we will get some more good news of this kind soon.

  8. Nah, it's not about leaders.. Tunisians are ready for a democracy and for a real republik; they will make their own leaders, a proper head of state who is nothing more than a civil servant. But are Egyptians psychologically ready for such a change? I don't think we are.. most are waiting for that father-figure leader which the people turn into a despot by idolising them instead of making them accountable. Germans learnt the hard way but we still don't or can;t. Who was the strongest leader in Egyptian modern history? wasn't it Nasser and look what he has done because he was the leader and people wanted him back after his massive disasters.

    You can't wait for a leader and hope that will bring change, you can't hope for can't wait for the army to topple one regime and install another because you need such a leader. Was Obama a leader? he was a virtual unknown just 2 years before he ran for presidency. If you keep waiting for that opposition leader then expect many years of Mubarak clan reign.

    Blood has to be shed for a democracy. Tunisians lost more than 90lives in their revolution and I'm afraid Egyptians will have to sacrfice even bigger numbers if they truly aspire for a democracy. There are bigger challenges, a non-neutral army that sides with the corrupts or at least doesn't care for a change, much bigger foreign interests in supporting that regime and maintaining the status quo, if people aren't ready for such a sacrfice then it's going to be a very long wait.

    Achtung Dudu
    Achtung ihr Klatscherzombies!

  9. Are we seeing in Tunisia's unprecedented popular uprising a portent of democratic transformation spreading through the Arab world?
    If so, Arab world leaders must start true democratic reforms immediately or face bigger forthcoming problems.

  10. here are some ideas about him opting for Jeddah.
    The main governmental plane which is an airbus 340[trans continental] is in Montreal(YUL), I don't know when it arrived there.. probably exodus of some fam members before he fled off himself. That plane was not allowed to return to Tunisia[security reasons obviously/diplomatic restrictions] probably he wanted it back but that's not what happened.

    Other planes[Tun gov] are several short range private jets. I'm not sure which one he took, probably the far as I know they don't have a gulfstream 4 or 5[Gamal's favourite jet] which are long range and could make a trans Atlantic flight.

    The SMA-3 is shortrange and can't make a long flight from Tunis to Jeddah[ Jeddah almost certainly wasn't his first choice.. I'll explain why]. First he had to fly over Valletta[regardless of destination] even if he was bound for Europe[eurocontrol] since Malta is south of Tunis but for has to fly over anyways if he intended a trip to France[he can make it to Marseilles without refuelling] his Malta flyover is compulsory if he needs a route to Europe[although Tunisia and Egypt are part of EuroControl but I don't think he could be routed from Tunis judging by how he left]. The Maltese could not issue him a route to France[french refused] and was routed to Sardinia for fuel[Italians agreed for refuel but not final stop] judging by his route he certainly entered Egyptian airspace, it looks like he wanted to land in CAI but Egyptians also denied him and became bound for the Arabian peninsula. The refuelling in Sardinia would have made a safe flight to CAI but not further east[will be short on fuel]
    He probably couldn't make it to Riyadh let alone Dubai, I don't think the Saudis had any choice but to allow him to land[IATA] otherwise the plane would have fell off the sky on Saudi territory.

    There are at least 3 countries that denied him a final destination:France, Italy, Egypt


  11. Modern Pharaoh said...

    " Thats a SMART population..IF this happens in Egypt it will be all centered around RELIGION- & we will have BEARDED SALAFIS & WAHABIS slaughtering people in the streets & enforcing the garbage bag nikab."

    quatsch mit Soße.. absolute bollocks!

  12. صهيح اللى اختشوا ماتو

  13. The looting you are talking about in Tunisia is normal procedure during early security forces response. It took place in Iraq immediately following its invasion, the idea is to justify a security or military response to the uprise. So will Tunisia see democracy? Nope, we are being decived, its a smoke screen, this uprising will fail to bring "real" democracy to the good and decent people of Tunisia one way or another because it is designed by its highly Knwlegable architects to fail from the outset. After many killings the movement will fail, the faiure in the end will broadcast a clear message all over the Arab world and the maghreb, that this is what will happen if the people of any Arab country decides to kick off a democratic uprising against their non elected leaders.

    When will people understand that against them there exist the elite? The best minds in the world with their think tanks, philosophers, social , economic and political scientists, military strategists, security gurus etc.. who are always ahead of the crowd, advising politicians in creating fail safe social, economic and political scenarios to grab entire countries, and who are all in the same bed as the military whose only role in such countries is to support the state and if that meant shooting at civilians, then so be it.

  14. Want to know some of the reasons Tunisia is in trouble all the sudden? well, its Oil, you must by now know about Tunisia's oil fields? if you don't then look at the OilVoice website and follow the oil problematic trail around the world:

    Yep, Tunisia has finaly joined the cursed club with the curse being Oil,and where there is Oil, trouble will soon follow.

    here is the web site:

    Here are some of the articles:
    1 - Sonde Resources Announces Test Results from Appraisal Well, Offshore Tunisia

    2 - Pioneer Natural Resources Announces Sale of Tunisia Subsidiaries to OMV.

    Unemployment protests my foot, is this what they called it this time?

  15. If you are Tunisian then take note of the following, if you want to be inspired by a country whose people navigated a peaceful transition to democracy, then look no further than India, the largest democarcy in the world gained through a bloddless revolution. India's achievements are so rich that nowaday india is a superpower that might in 50 years surpasse the chinese economy. How did the indian people achive this? again look no further than to examine one of the many Indian leaders who took office after the peaceful revolution, one man stood above most and that is A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, mainly the Indian prime minister from 2001-2 to 2007 during which India benefitted from unity and a knowledge based society. If you want to learn more about how India achieved its goals, then each one of you should read A. P. J. Abdul Kalam's many books translated to many languages including chinese, if you cannot wait then go to his web site and enjoy. I hope The Tunisian transition will be at least as peaceful as the Indian Transition and I hope that Tunisian achievements will learn from the Indian experience. The indian people are now so educated that both the US and the UK hold recruitment events to employ Indian graduates and I know that the Tunisian people are just as eductaed and just as clever.

  16. Le Tunisian Abdelwahab1/16/2011 09:00:00 PM

    Mr:Anymous said .from the Tunisian Abdelwahab
    Egypt has 80.000.000 how u kan say do't like Tunisia .please stay listing and enjoy our victory as vriend or .... bey

  17. I am happy for Tunisians but the country is not ready for democracy, bcause the state is not ready. Democracy is hard for everybody to learn and practice if you spent the last 50 years under a one party system and only two presidents one of them came by military force.
    You need a democratic mind set, you need to be able to express opinion in calme and accept other peoples opinion without getting angry or violent. It needs citizens to learn to be good citizens by supporting and trusting each other
    through community work and constructive dialogue. Then there is the security police who as I saw in the videos, had no problem shooting civilians. I went to Tunisia three times and loved it until in 2009 I saw two policemen beating up an old man in the street like a gangster, so upset I was that I took a taxi to my Hotel and on the way there I saw one policeman every 1/4 Kilometer on both sides of the road and the taxi driver told me that is how it is here every day and I should not trust taxi drivers as they probably are informers, in Europe if a policeman beat up a civilian he will be investigated and suspended and even thrown out of the force. How can these policemen operate under democratic rule where they have to respect and serve the public not beat them up, also how can a coalition or national government members be part of the same corrupt government that was there before, its hard to change them as you cannot teach old dogs new tricks. As much as I love Tunisia, I am affraid I am sceptic that the new democracy the Tunisian youth are fighting for will need to be enhanced by more frequent and full democratic insistance, representations and if need be more relentless but peaceful protests everytime the government gets it wrong and remember, democracy is not about trusting the government to get it right, on the contrary, its about suspecting the government and politicians and holding them to account for the mandate given to them by the citizens, and make their wishes clear through peaceful protest, voting and complete political and community engagement, for that Tunisia needs get used to live with no fear from the state or the police, it needs free press, but as of the 15th of January 2011 even when the protest finished the press is still gagged that is not a good sign, so the learning curve I am affraid might be in years if not decades.Good luck Tunisia.

  18. dudu steadily killing American fools1/17/2011 05:53:00 PM

    "You need a democratic mind set, you need to be able to express opinion in calme and accept other peoples opinion without getting angry or violent."

    where have you seen anger or violence, the people were peacefully protesting only to be met with live ammunition.

    "so the learning curve I am affraid might be in years if not decades"

    Surprisingly it didn't take the eastern bloc decades for democracy, nor did it take 'years' for latin American countries..but of course those are Europeans[European origins], they don't need decades because they are superior and they instantly become democratic even after living under dictatorships for centuries

    "even when the protest finished the press is still gagged that is not a good sign"

    That is a really bad sign, considering that the country is under emergency rule, there is no press whatsover to be gagged or not..[eyes rolling]

    "democracy is not about trusting the government to get it right, on the contrary, its about suspecting the government and politicians and holding them to account for the mandate given to them by the citizens"

    oh thankyou for that lesson love, we Arabs had no idea what democracy is about..we are all waiting so eagerly for your valuable input!

    "Good luck Tunisia"
    Goodluck to you, you certainly need it to overcome your racist ignorance!

    Save us your white-supremacy racist hogwash. Arab countries have known democratic rule for centuries while you were hanging one another over the earth's orbit.

    You're either a Yank or dumb Brit..right?
    (Yank=dumb by nature)

  19. @1/17/2011 05:53:00 PM -- You are an unpleasant person.

  20. You could not be further from the truth.

  21. @ Modern Pharaoh, you are a fool who does not understand the dynamics of Egyptian politics at all. The "Salafis" & "Wahhabis" (now I know you are ignorant for using an invented term like that) that you fear so much have no sort of influence amongst the people at all. If anything, they're pawns of the current regime right now to curb the influence of Ekhwan, and to instill sectarian division.

    Run along now and go be a mouthpiece for Mubarak in some other place

  22. Yank?Brit?dumb by nature? racist? superior? what on earth are you talking about, I considered this
    this site to be serious.

  23. this is a message for the guy calling himself dudu... you know that hole in your face just under your nose? well, we call that a mouth, you need to disconnect it from your posterior and connected to where it should be in order to make you a good Arab, now you know that thing inside your head? well, we call that the brain, now connect your mouth to your brain,
    oh sorry, I forgot, you dont have one. everything,

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