Monday, January 17, 2011

STFU Tamer Hosni

Even the Tunisians themselves have not made songs yet about their great historical victory , they do not have time for songs now despite all their sincere beautiful feelings now , it is time of action but what can you say about Mr. Tamer Hosni who did not waste anytime in making a lame song about Tunisia and its martyrs to be under the spotlights as usual !!

Tamer Hosni–Tunisia

I can’t believe him , seriously I can’t !!

Dear Tunisians I apologize for this big media addict , I know you love him but you must understand that he is a big hypocrite , he only cares about his image in the media nothing more , nothing else.

Why did not Tamer sing for Khaled Said and the other martyrs of Egypt in the same way ? Of course when the Mubarak regime is downed , he will say that Alaa Mubarak threatened him to sing for Mubarak !!

As a reminder this is a gentleman who faked official documents to skip the military service , this is gentleman who claims that Jermaine Jackson told him that he reminded him with Michael Jackson !!!!!!!!!!!!

The best song about Tunisia nowadays to be said is the Tunisian national anthem which ends with the amazing inspiring verses of Abu Kassem Al-Shabi and Mostafa Sadek Al-Rafe’ie .

The Tunisian national anthem

P.S speaking about the inspirational poets and their poems , where are the Syrians from the poems of Nizar Qabbani and Mohamed Al Maghut ??


  1. +1
    It's not about words ....

  2. It's a terrible song regardless of his motivations. Everyone go to YouTube and thumb down Tamer Hosny Tunis! I just did. Right now it's 208 up, 62 down, which is already quite bad by YouTube standards, but Zeinobia's readers can help rain on his parade even more. I never saw Z tell anyone to STFU before, LOL.


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