Egyptian Chronicles: Better Future Insh Allah

Monday, February 14, 2011

Better Future Insh Allah

When you see this scene in Al Tahrir in the past 48 hours , you know that there is a huge hope for better future for Egypt insh Allah.
A little girl cleaning the square "Facebook"
In the first million man protest held on February 1,2011 , I saw a man who was showing his 6 years old boy how a middle class young lady was collecting garbage at the Tahrir square to keep it clean, he was telling him “ Do you see that ? We want our country clean.” I knew that I am in front of a new Egypt.
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  1. So proud to be Egyptian!!! Your blog is great, I always come here for the real updates on inside Egypt. Keep up the great work! And ALF MABROOK!!!
    - Sallie


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