Egyptian Chronicles: Where is the police For real !!?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Where is the police For real !!?

Ok we have started a new era with the new minister of interior who restored back the famous slogan that the police is in the service of the people but where is that police now !!?

The police force is no where to be found except couple of traffic cadets organizing the traffic and that’s it !! Even those traffic cadets disappear after 6:00 PM and we can’t find a police officer in the street whether in Cairo or Giza or New Cairo or October. Where do they go !!?

The new slogan will not calm down the people , the new promises from the minister of interior day and night and his constant visits to the security directorates and sectors will not calm down the people.

I am not convinced that the police force is afraid from the people because actually they are making people angrier with their absence.

The people will calm down with the following steps :

  1. The real return of the police force to the street.
  2. An official apology for what happened since January 25,2011 till the appointment of general Mahmoud Wagdy as minister of interior.
  3. An official apology for the crimes committed against the Egyptian people by the MOI during the Mubarak era.
  4. Releasing the political detainees , it could be hard to compensate all the tortured detainees because the compensation will take all the budget of the ministry so at least the torturers would be punished.
  5. Disbanding the state security apparatus , we already have enough national security apparatuses in the country and if you search in the history of this apparatus you will find that it was only made to suppress the public since 1960s. State security was actually the regime security apparatus  , the President’s security security apparatus.
  6. If the state security is not disbanded then at least it should be restructured from up to down.
  7. Police academies should change their the system of education 100% , I do not want to see a silly clip on YouTube for our future officers dancing to our national anthem music !!!!!

Police academy students dancing !!

The MOI can restore back its position for real if the minister wants to , already in a real democratic life with accountability and transparency these steps will be fulfilled logically.

We know we have a long way but if General Mahmoud Wagdy wants to be remembered in history in a positive way , he can follow these steps because the MOI is responsible for the murder of more than 300 Egyptians in the revolution.

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  1. Disbanding the security apparatus may not be a good idea. In Iraq the disbanded security apparatus became the insecurity apparatus. Egypt is very different, but these people have lives and families too, you can't put them in a corner because you don't know what they'll do if they get desperate. You can replace the top layers though.

  2. "If the state security is not disbanded then at least it should be restructured from up to down."

    In other words sacking the highest ranking people and let the lower ranking ones to vote for new ones.

    Also why was the Tahrir opened so quickly? It should have been left (for a while) a place where people can demonstrate their grievances. Traffic controlled probably only on other side.

    I wonder if the first winning party will be some sort of group that can promise more for workers. Since people of Egypt has been stripped or hindered from modern rights such as labor unions. This kind of healthy socialism is required for successful democracy.

  3. I suppose I don't really understand the situation since I am not Egyptian, but I find it strange that people are angry about the lack of police presence. I personally think that they should fire all of the highest ranking members of the police force, along with anyone who has been accused of brutality in the past. Then allow Egyptian citizens to vote in the highest ranking office holder in the police.

    I'm interested to know what will be done with the police force. Has the Army or anyone else made any statements regarding the reformation of the state police?

    I would like it if you and I could discuss the events taking place in Egypt via e-mail. I have a hard time keeping up with all of the blogs I visit, and which post I leave comments in. If it isn't too much trouble, could you contact me at shockw4ve_x at hotmail dot com

    Thank you for running this blog and keeping us informed of the news from Egypt. I wish you and your country the best of luck in the future. Take care.


  4. Egyptian police are all corrupt and should be rehabilitated or sacked from top to bottom.
    Policeman should exude feelings of security to citizens and not fear as it was in Egypt.
    The Canadian.


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