Egyptian Chronicles: Midan Al Tahrir : A book that needs your help

Monday, February 14, 2011

Midan Al Tahrir : A book that needs your help

The man behind one of the most viewed and also delicious channels in the Arab world Fatafeat Mr. Youssef El-Deeb is doing a private project : Midan Al Tahrir.

The project has nothing to do with Takhayal entertainment , it is a personal project made by El-Deeb for all of the world not only us.

El-Deeb wants this book to document this revolution from photos , videos , blog posts, art works , songs …etc. I hope that we all help Mr. Deeb in this book and also DVD as he wishes to do a documentary about Midan Al Tahrir.

For me  the story of Midan Al Tahrir is not over yet , this was just a start , the end will be when we become a democratic parliamentary state. 

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  1. I would love to see the new Government will close the Liberation Square or Medan Tahrir on Friday only so that people could come and sit and have great time there of course they will have to keep the place clean. In other countries they did this to some street of the city only on weekend!

  2. Yes, Tahrir is much more than just the 18 days. It is the symbol of the New Egypt, the starting point of a bright future, it is the symbol of braveness and resiliance, trust and companionship, medical aid, protection of others, non-harassment, free spirits, of dreams and ideas, of free speech and free thoughts, of equality and lawfulness, the symbol of a democratic nation called Egypt.
    You should call the democratically elected parliament to come - the child of Tahrir. Because that's what it really will be forever.


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