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The youngest mother in Egypt

Well I could not stop myself from commenting on this  , I made a promise that I will not write or comment on anything till Friday , yet it seems I will break my promise only 24 hours earlier
I won't speak in politics or conspiracy theories or anything but I will speak about the Social disaster that appeared on "El-Mahawar" Channel , the Youngest Mother in Egypt
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Hend , the youngest mother in Egypt , she is 11 years old only from the Qalyubia Governorate , the beginning of the country side north Cairo
Hend became a mother after being raped by a "Tuk-tuk" driver who threatened her to kill her in front of her school if she opened her mouth and thus she didn't opened her mouth except when she began to feel pain in her stomach after 5 months and thus she turned to be going to have a baby .
She recognized the criminal who did that to her from the police records in the police station, he turned to 21 years old with a police record , he was arrested but the D.A decided to release for a bill in waiting for the "DNA" results
Now he is free and I believe there no patrol or surveillance what so ever to make sure that he won't repeat his crime

I wonder where is the high council for woman and child headed by the first lady from such agony??
Thankfully it seems that her parents are understanding the situation because in the country side and upper Egypt the girl may be killed in what so considered a Honour killing , in fact I believe one of the factors that made the girl silent  the first 5 months beside the death threat she received for her rapist was the fear of disgrace from such incident.
A kid mothering a baby ,this is terrible ,really just look to her anyhow thank God from what I see I feel that she is taking the responsibility  as a mother ,of course a single mother
I can feel her family's agony and dilemma especially they are living in the country side
First of all it was too late for abortion , she was 5 month pregnant when they knew , there would be a risk for her health ,also from the religious point of view some religious men believe that women can do abortion till the third month only as the baby begins to be a human being after that , of course this is beside the view that prohibits abortion itself from the beginning.
Second of all ,usually in the country side and also in the city in fact in the Egyptian society ,the girls who are raped usually got married to hide the scandal and sometimes even from their own rapists "I don't agree at all on that way and ironically that marriage is done in the police station" !! This girl can not be married anyway because she is only 11 years and the marriage age according to the Egyptian law is 15 years old
I am just explaining what that family is suffering from agony considering our society they are living in
Here is a video for the girl ,I borrowed from "" , it is in Arabic of course ,the girl describes her rape ,amazingly she is talking strong as far as she could , she described how the rapist took her in front of the youth club in the village where she was going to her brother at 2 PM , oh yes 2 PM and that he threatened her with a Swiss knife pushing her towards the fields till they reached to some old house nothing in it except a sofa where he forced her to sleep on and then he slept over her as she described ,then after taking her the most precious thing she had as it is described in Egypt ,he hit her on her back and stomach threatening her to be killed in front of her school as he knows her and knows that she goes to school at 9 AM

I am hoping that the high council of woman and child lady members had watched this episode
This rapist should be hanged in a public square
 Update #1
The tuk-tuk driver turned to be innocent according to the DNA , he is not the father of that baby and up till now we do not know who is the daddy is " 28/5/2010"


  1. HE WOULD BE SENTENSED TO DEATH IF THE DNA CAME POSITIVE, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. Very sad story Zeinobia.Nothing more brutal than killing the innocense of childhood whether by rape, abuse, circumcision or else. it is unhuman to attack somebody who has no way to defend him/ herself. So sad too that there is no legal rationale to keep him arrested while the DNA result is pending
    Dr. SR

  2. who cares about the " most precious thing" that is not precious anymore. They repair it everywhere. It is the New Life that was forced to come into the world prematurly in a horrible social circumstances. The rapist basically behaved like a wild animal that should be exterminated


    Check the link Zeinobia it is about Ashraf Marwan

  4. Here's the dilemma! He's a rapist and deserves to be killed! But the innocent child will grow up without a father! There's nothing in between!
    I'm glad I'm not a judge! Because either way, someone is going to get hurt

    I just can't understand how anyone would have any sexual drive towards any female younger than 20! It disgusts me at times to feel that people can exploit kids like that!

    Here's the worst realization after reading this post....
    This girl's fate caused her to get pregnant and have a child at the age of 11 (a very rare event on it's own) can you imagine how many get abused and no one knows anything about them?!? That's sooo ugly!

  5. It is not really a dilemma Qwaider. The child is better to live without a criminical father like this who is really just a sperm cause a man like this will do it again or do other than this. He is a crimnial and eventually will be either in jail or excuted. The mother is young and innocent and I am sure that God will send her one day a good husband who will provide the warmth and support for that innocent baby. by the way, if you cant have a sex drive toward female younger than 20 then you can simply dump them to me. my drive can operate very well with girls starting ONE day after their 18 birthday, the age of female legal consent. ha ha ha.. just teasing you. Waguih

  6. Ironically, the next video posted by U Yube in your blog after that video is a party of waxing.. haha.. two hot chicks getting waxed all over with an old women. I guess it is the " Lilet el 7enna" or something. Oh my God. The whole world is revolving around one thing. SEX

  7. @Dr.SR , it is very sad , already the baby is born from 11 days ago ,I don't know if they took the DNA now or what but I know they gave him one hell of chance to escape
    @Shady ,the most precious thing as you said became an old fashion
    ,it is not the rapists but also the media that is presenting the woman as a statue of flash and lust
    @amr,it is not related to our topic here , but I read it before still it is not an evidence , because everyone knows there is a huge conflict between the MIlitary intelligence and Mossad in Israel since 1973 blaming on each other the defeat , the conflict is back again after the Lebanon July 2006 war
    @qwaider ,I don'know which is worse began raised without a father or knowning that she was a seed or a rape
    as you said it is good to be not the judge
    the sex drive you are saying is common now not in Egypt but the whole world , in Egypt ,the poverty , the drugs ,the lust and not to mention the lack of religion and education in their lives
    as you said many people don't report fear from scandal ,well most people not to mention the worst thing when the abuser is from the family itself
    @waguih ,I pray to God to send her some one good to her and her daughter , already I believe that baby is not her daughter ,but her sister now
    @anonymous , that's why I hate Youtube , I was going to upload it to Veoh , but my mind told me no you got a channel in Youtube
    another thing how can one post a waxing party to Youtube ?? it is gross


  9. Dont worry Zeinobia. If the DA was not sure he can get the guy at anytime he wont release him. The case became public and if the guy really excaped the DA knows that he would jeoparadize his career. Dr SR

  10. Can we just stop bringing up topics like waxing, labiaplasty and all that shit in a nice professional blog like this? Can everybody go masturbate to calm down then write a nice professional comment?

  11. Do you Know guys what is the real dilemma in this world? It is by nature the man has one entity and the woman has two, her Personality as human ( subject) and her flesh ( object) The man biologically needs the object first then he MIGHT love the subject but the woman insists that he love the subject FIRST then she MIGHT let him have the object.. 7etta ta7shisha, right? dont argue. XXYY

  12. @Dr SR ,how long have you been in the States ?? because you seem to forget how things are going in Egypt , this guy I believe is already disappeared since day one after being free

    @anonymous ,what can I say ?? I speak about important matters and no one comments!!

    @anonymous 2 , well at last a man said the truth ,I presume that you are a man ,right , you don't care about the brain , in fact you don't like the brain at all

  13. I do care about the brian and heart because she gave me the object first, she let me feel I own her, she satisfied my basic needs withuot any head games that is why we smoothly got married and I consider her a smart wife. If she insisted that I would love her brain first before she let me have her then I dont think we would reach a happy ending. Yes of course I am a man, you can smell it if you have a woman's nose. XXYY

  14. I came to the States on 1990. Not so far. I am also up to date with every arabic media that I can reach. literally every media that cna be reached here( TV, Newspapers and website) so I am not isolated. Remember my first time in your blog when I said that my heart and mind are THERE where you folks are located. I know what is there. I just cant imagine that a driver of a toktok can disappear. Yes a businessman can escape to another country based on his relations and the bribes he is able to pay to buy the people silence not in a case of a toktok driver. Dr SR

  15. @anonymous,it is good to know really how the man thinks exactly

    @SR, according do not underestimate this criminal ,he understands the guilt he made and he knows that it can be reached to the level of hanging , let us just hope that the eyes of the security is awake on him as they are awake for the Mulism Brotherhood

  16. ha ha ha ha ha, You are funny Zeinobia. The rapist did a crime but he is not plotting to change a Nation System and impose a different ideology on everybody and push the Country to nowhere. Dr SR

  17. This country is rife with sexual deviations due to many factors ,mainly the deep-seated ignorance that one of the so called great men of the past was responsible for,i.e Saad Zaghloul and his maverick irrational decision to exterminate the English language out of the Educational system,when people would have had the chance to learn terms like sexual deviation,pedophile,self-integrated personality( a sound psychologically oriented education),chances of having a smaller number of over-sexed freaks may have been lower than this,but I am as equally shocked by -please don't take it personally-the Historical incoherence your blog is established upon.Dear lady,certainly you have the absolute right to believe in whatever views or ideas you find them tempting to your intellectual inclinations but why Zeinobia,she wasn't Egyptian, I assume you couldn't find an Egyptian female role-model worthy of notice .Do I take it from your talking about the glories of the past and the photos of that degenerate promiscuous freak king that your are in favour of Royal ism.

  18. @Ali , I don't find relation between the decision of that real great man and this situation , you are speaking about a decision taken from more than 80 years and may I ask why did not the other ministers of education including those of the glorious revolution to correct the terrible mistake of the bad minister
    Already with my all respect I don't understand , I mean outside there are suffering more than us from all those sex manics and they are already speak English , I don't find a relation
    Not to mention in the case of Hend ,I suspect that the rapist completed his education in the first place

    Look I respect what ever you think about me but for your information Zeinobia despite her syrian Arabic roots she was fond with the ancient Egyptian history and looked to Cleopatra as role model , in fact she claimed to be her grand daughter , not that only when she came to Egypt she was among few foreign rulers who were blessed by Amon priest
    another thing I am nor a royalist but more than sad for the good days EGypt did not suffer it

  19. I am sorry , I can't help being belligerent sometimes when I hear about those horrible crimes.I didn't have the time to elaborate,I just refered to the English language as an appropriate means towards a true and real education unlike the bunch of jokes we're having right now i.e: the egyptian educational system,I think when conepts are clearly defined, people's conscience and consciousness will change to the positive.I can't tell the exact number ,but how many of those living in shanty towns are aware that it is terrible and sick to have a relation with a minor,that pedophilia is equivilant to cowardice and fear of having a normal relation with a real woman.Certainly ,as you mentioned that these type of crimes happen in English speaking countries yet the awareness of the issue of sexual deviation is way much higher ,people are much more informed something that definitely helps to foil attacks of that kind.The Arabic education-these days- is deliberately left void of many significant concepts and ideas .The less the people left informed the easier it is to rule them,and yes you are right,I am a nasserist yet I am totally against politicizing the educational system during ( the glorious revolution as you sarcastically refered to it ) it was totally wrong to abandon the English education for the sake of the nationalist ideas.anyhow,I hope you wasn't offended by my views,you're doing a good job and I hope I can catch up with you oneday.

  20. @Ali, I was not offended but I was surprised by it , I still believe it has nothing to do with the language education , again I will ask you why there is a raising pattern for such crimes abroad compared to Egypt despite their knowledge for sexual deviation , it is more complicated thing , what brings a priest in Catholic church in the States "I am sorry if I offend anyone" to some loser in a village in Egypt is more about education , do not forget those criminals some of them have the highest education
    what you need is a series of not only improvements in education but a series of improvements in other things like the religious talk , religion can be effective weapon to combat such crimes in a society like Egypt, improve the law system , you should not wait hundred years to get justice , you should improve the people's life in the first place , most of the researches that are done by Researches center in Egypt indicate that unemployement and poverty are playing important role
    believe me in case of Egypt it is more than education
    do not forget such crimes did not exist like now in Egypt , it was rarely to hear something like not from 25 years but from 10 years , those who raped were usually grown up women

  21. I am totally on your side ,you may remember that I said in my first comment that the lack of a proper educational system is (ONE) of the main factors that caused this miserable situation our country is going through right now,nobody can deny that a real education means a more civilized and psychologically sane society and the Arabic system is falling way behind in achieving that goal( not because an intrinsic incapability in the arabic language as those Americanized clowns claim )an illiterate person is unable to use his or her intellectual faculties in the right direction ,an illiterate person is submissively accepting social injustices and goverment's oppression and this is the ultimate goal of any dictatorship ,the more ignorant and illiterate the people are the easier it is to exploit them.

  22. Even worse - I just heard that the DNA test came back negative. Which probably means that (whether or not the tuk-tuk driver raped her too) the real father is someone in her family or family friends. Unfortunately, in other countries sexual abuse and rape by family members is quite common, making it even harder for girls to speak out and more likely that the rape is not limited to a one time incident.

    Plus, even though the law was changed that used to let the rapist escape punishment if he married the girl (in which case I would both hate to be the girl who had to live married to him AND hate to be the child forced to be raised by a father who would do such a thing!), as we saw with the case in Dumiat a few weeks ago, it's still a common practice to force girls into this terrible situation.

    I think the only thing that will make this situation better for thousands of girls being abused by men inside or outside of their family is to work to break the silence on these issues. Start talking openly in public about them and spread the idea that it's not the girl's fault so she doesn't have to suffer silently, and also that the person at fault is the rapist and he should be punished and not given the chance to terroize his victim or victims again.

  23. Rebecca ,already I post the surprising news today
    I don't know who is the father and believe I will not be surprised if he was one from the family because according to the studies the very poor class that live in one room the rate of male abuse to the girls there is extremely high,very high especially nowadays ,but we are an eastern society who is shy unfortunately to speak about this matter
    about the rapist marriage , well believe or not it is not from the religion or from the customs or traditions,I don't know where it came from
    the good news the girl and her family refused the marriage solution

  24. the youngest mother is now 5 years old NOT 11

  25. the youngest mother is now 5 years old NOT 11

  26. @anonymous,well she turned not to be 11 after all according to the medical examing and her bone structure
    but 5 years , where is the url of the news ?? it is unbelievable!!

  27. An angel gave birth to another angel. God bless her, poor little girl! Death penalty for this awfull man and shame on him!!!

  28. the poor child. she still has baby hands herself. she even has a childs torso. the poor poor child.... someone should cut off that guys dick and rape him with it....


    fill free to email at

  30. Sorry Zeinobia,

    I disagree with you on one thing. It is certainly not the "lack of religion" that allows these things to happen. Egypt is far, faaar too religious for any sane person to tolerate. What allows these things to happen is:

    a. The constant sexual repression that young people in the Middle East endure.

    b. The stigma attached to rape and abuse victims, where they are sometimes treated as harshly as the victim, if not worse. Women are made to feel like it was their fault they are raped and abused. This keeps women silent, and allows the rapists to get away with it and do it over and over again.

    c. The tolerance of sexual harassment in the general population (and everyone is guilty of letting this happen, even the women). Sexual harassment should be made a crime, and the punishment should be enforced. Women should be revolting, but they're not. Barring that, women will continue to feel vulnerable, feel pressured to wear the veil even if they don't want to, and stay at home and make babies, instead of going out and becoming a productive member of society. I'm generalizing, of course. There are exceptions, but that seems to be the norm.

    In the 1930s, the Egyptian feminist revolution forced the men to recognize women as their equal. What the hell happened in the last 7 decades that took us so far backwards? Religious fanaticism, that's what.

    Disillusioned Egyptian Guy

  31. i think this man is sick!!
    i wish this little girl good luck*
    i hope eveything went well, for you!
    and i wanna say good bless yuo hope everything goes good.... and for the baby too

  32. There should be a reward in finding this guy who did this too the little girl. People should understand that what he did was not right. he should be put to justice. She's just a very little child, now with a child of her own: her childhood was taken from her & that aint right.

  33. That is so sad. God is with you and your precious baby

  34. omg wow my friend told me that thats the youngest mother in egypt

  35. guys this is very sad to know... that man had spoiled the lives of two kids......may god give him a very tough punishment.thats all what i can pray for and ya for the betterment of the two kids..

  36. may god bless the both girls.......

  37. To protect and save all children we need only :
    Dead penalty for any one ho haw sex with children.
    After one to two Years we will haw no any problems - all around mother Earth.
    That is les we can do.

  38. I hope that tuk-tuk driver who raped that child and stole her childhood gets the death sentence if they have it or life in prison whatever is the strictest sentence is what he must get.

  39. He turned to be innocent according to the DNA and up till now we do not know who is the father of that little baby

  40. WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU NUTS????

  41. Jean Louise Dell'Aquila3/21/2011 02:41:00 PM

    Why would a female of any age be unaccompanied by a male relative. Surely the ways of ALLLAH never change. Those impugning the Muslim are the ones defiling the race of mankind rejecting Jesus and his mother who came with clear signs to all nations.

  42. I'm wondering if the accused man has any money or does his family? Because if so, then it is very easy to bribe a lab technician to change the results of a DNA test. This sort of thing goes on all the time, even here in Canada and the U.S. The result is that often the test results depend more on the father's finances than they do on the DNA .. and sadly this sort of tampering is almost impossible to prove. I would say that this little girl should be believed about who raped her, no matter what some lab technician did.

  43. @Anonymous 5/26/2011 06:04:00 PM "it is very easy to bribe a lab technician to change the results of a DNA test." No it isn't. "This sort of thing goes on all the time, even here in Canada and the U.S." No it doesn't. "sadly this sort of tampering is almost impossible to prove." No it isn't, you just verify with an independent lab. "this little girl should be believed about who raped her, no matter what" No. Unfortunately, girls sometimes lie about rape. Even little girls.

  44. How would Jason know how easy it is to bribe a lab tech? I think that people really want to believe that DNA testing is airtight & foolproof, but it isn't. It is subject to human error & corruption, like any other human-administered test. Paternity testing in particular has a tendency to become corrupted, due perhaps in no small part to the contempt that many people feel towards females in this predicament. Verifying results with an independent lab still does not tell you which result is correct in case of contradiction - you need 3 separate tests from 3 separate labs. This is impossible for many impoverished mothers on the receiving end of a doubtful test result. I'm sure Jason would love to believe that DNA testing is foolproof all over the world - but Jason is living out a fantasy in that regard.

  45. Your actual claim was "This sort of thing goes on all the time, even here in Canada and the U.S." which is bullshit. Here are the world corruption rankings. Canada 6, USA 17, Egypt 79. The ass-end of the list is dominated by Muslim countries.


  47. Animals DO NOT do such things. Sub humans do. This despicable act is caused by those that use their reptilian brain. That's the section at the base of the brain-pre human.

  48. Amazing how so many people judged that man, claimed he should get the death penalty and in the end; he was innocent, in fact the girl who claimed he raped her should be punished for lying. DNA doesn't lie :/

  49. damn i am only 15 and expecting my 1st kid nd i am scared i could only think what she is going threw being only 11

  50. @joanna manjarrez. I am sorry. Did they catch him?


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