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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Please read this comment

Do you remember the anonymous commenter from El-Falalis ?? well he sorry she is back and if she truly is what she claims then somehow I got a scoop

Beside that I feel so sick I am will take some rest for couple of days ,I can not think in anything right now

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  1. A 23 young lady getting sick every couple of weeks? what is going on there? Bilharzia or something? I am just teasing you. elmarra de am not gonna sign . get well soon dear Zeinobia

  2. I just got over something very nasty myself. Take care and get well.

  3. Zeinobia, Read the below link about the proofs of forced coversion into Islam then SHUT-THE-FUCK-UP

    Poor Logic Man

  4. Hi Zeinobia. I just discovered something on the net I would like to share it with you when you come back. There was a lot of rumors, controversy and objection in Egypt lately against the female circumcision. The TV brought a lot of social activists, Islamists, Gynecologists and even lay people. I watched all the videos regarding this debate. Although the two men from the Azhar insisted that it is a preferable procedure in Islam and that once the Prophet met a midwife he asked her to “trim it not to cut it totally” meaning He didn’t prohibit it yet all the rest of the audient were against, against and against, claiming that God never created something useless. They talked also about the subsequent decreased libido, psychological trauma etc. I also heard lately that the Ministry of Health has banned the procedure totally. I always had an opinion that there must be physical cases where this procedure will be recommended. The late era of available erotic videos and naked women genitalia everywhere made something that never existed before. That is the women and the men became aware of what other people genitals look like. How the genitals of the stars and models look like? It created a comparison. What is appealing, what is good looking, how the models look like? There became a target shape. That definitely affects the husband when he sees his wife and she looks weird and different than what he used to see on videos, the pretty appealing women. Here is the Link to a professional scientific place showing and proofing that women now are requesting that procedure” Circumcision”. Yes of course there is complete difference between a procedure done by a Surgeon to a consenting adult female who request it versus a primitive contaminated procedure done by a midwife to a child but the principle is the same. Hope one day we admit that there is significance behind our traditions.

    Here is the site that contains the descriptive material to female circumcision on scientific basis.


  5. Dear Zienobia
    I hope you will soon get better, because we miss you!

  6. @waguih : I'm not sure I understand what you are saying. Is it that the significance of labiaplasty is to match model's genitals so to not affect the husband ? If so, this is very sad (and it requires head to toes surgery as a matter of fact).

  7. Seg, to be honest with you I didnt understand your question either nor if you are just being sarcastic. If my comment is not that clear I guess the site has a detailed text and graphics that make it self explanatory. Anyways, let us wait to hear a word from Zeinobia.

  8. @Dr.SR , I am right ?? right ,it is not bilharzia ,the summer fruits are the reason,the polluted summer fruits

    @vagabondblogger , thanks and you get well soon :)

    @Poor logic man ,first of all use better words in your comment
    Second regarding to your comment
    first of all I do not trust translated versions of Quran , simply because I read and have the original text and I understand its arabic words and their meaning which can differ because of the grammer , this is one
    Two there are certain versese that were revealed in Holy Quran for special events including the wars between the Muslims and the Mecca tribes , many of the war versuses were revealed during that Period ,
    Three again in the one of the most important suraa in the Quran "The Buqraa" Chapter 1 and 2 right after one of the holiest Islamic versuses for the Mulims No.255 , comes versuses no.256 :

    002.256 Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.

    Al-Qur'an, 002.256 (Al-Baqara [The Cow])

    Text Copied from DivineIslam's Qur'an Viewer software v2.910

    I think it is clear

    four again go back in history and tell me how on earth there are still people with other religions in the Muslim countries if our Sharia forces hem to convert , I am talking not now but from 14 centuries ago
    Look to the Indulisia
    use your logic for God Sake and please don't forget the bloody history of the Roman Catholic Church

  9. @Waguih, the problem is when you speak about religion you will find that the practice of circumcision does not take place in other Islamic countries
    Also the Prophet Mohamed PBUH Quote to be correct is as you said to trim not cut , in Egypt they don't cut , they slaughter , they cut it all and that's what Al-Azhar prohibited
    As I said this is more a social custom practiced by Muslims and Christians in upper Egypt and Country side and now they want to find a religious excuse to it still It is neither like what the religion permitted nor it is order from the QUran or the Sunnah
    Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" did not circumcise his daughters ,so what can not be sure it is preferred for religious reason
    still we should remember that the current practice that is the Egyptian african practice cut it all and this is against the Islam
    also for the record in ISlam , this practice was known in Madina , Madina had many strange sexual practices back then different from Mecca

    about the labiaplasty , well I know it as the gential plastic surgry in Egypt and guess what is millions industry now , it seemed that many people want their gentials to be pretty ,seriously I think there is a difference , from what I understand this surgery is made for medical reasons , for necessity and it is not for little girls
    Plus it is different from the EGyptian Circumcison practice , cut it all for all girls
    another thing I believe that many religious men and clerics are against these surgeries , because people don't do it for medical reasons more they want a pretty gential and I think this is from luxury and it is not excuse that men watch other ladies gentials ,in fact I feel so sick when I read about this excuse
    already I think Islam prohibits looking in to other people gentials
    and here I am with Seg , because you don't know how many millions are spent on such disgusting surgeries because they want to have a good gential
    ,again I am not hearing speaking about real medical reasons
    thanks so much ,I am back again,I must come back after reading these nice words
    @Seg. they are doing head to toe in the Arab world plastic surgeries to be like singers and models , you will be shocked if you read the number ,the six digit numbers they spend monthly on those surgeries

  10. just correction , the circumcision in Islam was not known in Mecca , it was not practiced there ,it was practiced in Madina as far as I read

  11. The Link provides disgusting pictures whether before or after surgery. Oh my God, I am not gonna marry any woman. I prefer to masturbate all my life. Ghalban

  12. I dont see any correlation between a brutal procedure done to the most senstive part of a female child in an unhygienic, unhuman circumstances and a plastic surgery done at the request of a consenting adult female
    Dr SR

  13. The one thing unique about women in the mystery. If the mystery is disclosed it is over

  14. @Waguih did you see what you did to Ghalban ??

    @Ghalban, yes they are disgusting I can say that

    @Dr. SR you got a point here

    @Romeo , ok I got it

  15. people I am sorry but this started as a post for hinting for another important comment in another post not related to circumcision from near or far and I would be very happy if you stick with the post topic

  16. Are you kidding me? there was no topic posted. You annouced that you are sick and wont be posting for few days so the firends were roaming in your blog until the Princess Zeinobia comes back. That is all. Dr SR

  17. did you read that?

    قررت محكمة القضاء الإداري بمجلس الدولة مد أجل الحكم في الدعوى المرفوعة ضد هابيل الثاني الذي قام بنصب نفسه أسقفًا للأقباط الأرثوذكس في مصر والشرق الأوسط إلى جلسة الأول من سبتمبر القادم.
    وتطالب الدعوى المرفوعة من المستشار نجيب جبرائيل المستشار القانوني للبابا شنودة بإلغاء المسمي الديني لهابيل الثاني وإغلاق منشأته التي يطلق عليها مسمى القديس بولس في مصر الجديدة.
    كما طالبت الدعوى بمحاكمته لإثارته الفتنة الطائفية بين صفوف الأقباط، خاصة وأنه نصب نفسه بديلاً عن البابا شنودة الثالث.
    جدير بالذكر أن هابيل توفيق الملقب بهابيل الثاني قام بتأسيس طائفة أطلق عليها طائفة أبناء القديس بولس الرسول الأرثوذكسية المستقلة مصر الجديدة.
    وتدعو هذه الطائفة إلى زواج المطلقين مما يخالف قرار البابا شنودة رقم 7 لسنة 1971 والذي يقصر إعطاء تصاريح الزواج للذين حصلوا على حكم قضائي نهائي بسبب علة الزنا.

    The copt are looking any possible way for divorce. Convert to another religion, inventing a new Pope, immigrate to another country. just anything to have a divorce

  18. @Dr.SR if you read the post carefully you will know that I was linking to a very important comment I received in an older post , of course many did not care to read what I was linking to carefully

    @anonymous , this is not the first incident , there is another church I spoke about before last year ,that allows divorce and even the marriage of the Pope himself

  19. I wish you success

    Very cool site

    The subject of values and worth watching

    To Imam


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