Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bring Back our Money Now !!

The Swiss authorities have founded funds belong to the the Mubarak clan at Swiss banks and despite they have not specified yet the amount of money they found , this is considered the first trace of our stolen fortune abroad. The first traces of these 70 or 45 billion dollars have been spotted my follow Egyptians.
Another good news that gives us hope is that the EU has agreed on principle of freezing the former president Mubarak’s inner circle’s assets.The West will return back our money if we want so officially , so it is the turn of the Egyptian government or to be accurate our military junta to demand these assets now.
The Ahmed Shafik government is said to send a list of names from corrupted officials and businessmen to the Swiss authorities and that this list does not include the former president nor his family , is that true !!?
If this is true and it could be true because the current prime minister was appointed by Mubarak and is considered from his loyal students and friends who stood besides him in these tough days then we have to change this cabinet and this PM as soon as possible.
Already there is news circulating in Egypt and the world based on statements of Shafik to British officials that after couple of days we will have a new cabinet that will include new faces from opposition , some speculate that 90% of the current cabinet will be excluded. I hope that this 90% will include the following ministers : PM Ahmed Shafik, Aisha Abdel Hady , Ahmed Abu El-Gait ,Siyad Mashal and Sameh Fahmi
Now I ask all the Egyptian Chronicles to sign this petition in order to help us freeze the Mubaraks and their cronies’ assets , this petition hopefully insh Allah will be sent to the G20 leaders. I ask you also to share and spread this link as much as you can, the more the better. We want 500,000 signatures and we have reached to 492,699 in the past weeks.
In the end I would like to share this song by Nader Abu El-Leef "Lyrics by Ayman Bahget Amar"


  1. I seriously hope the rumors in certain diplomatic circles are dispelled. That an 'exit deal' during Mubarak's final hour was reached with the troika of EU, US and Tantawi in which the regime is fair game but the immediate Mubarak family is untouchable.

    A sort of pension/severance package for his 30 years of loyal/bloodstained and unwavering service to the powers that be. None other than Ambassador Frank Wisner supposedly spearheaded the sordid deal.

    So if the tamsileya is true we will see Nazif's cabinet and the NDP cronies/consiglieres being brought up on charges for the misappropriation of public funds. But Mama Shuzan and the boys are off limits cuz daddy said so!

  2. What do the lyrics of the song say?

  3. Mubarak is a murderer and should be in prison and not in a villa!!!

  4. Is it true that the Muslim Brotherhood banned Wael Ghonim from speaking at Tahrir Square yesterday?

  5. Programmer Craig, I heard that too, and gave links in a post above this one. Hopefully Zeinobia will allow my comment through moderation.

  6. I am so glad the rumors were only that, and justice and decency have prevailed in the end!

    For the first time in my life it feels good to be wrong!


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