Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cherchez RCD !!

This video is taking YouTube by storm : Muslim Tunisians protesting in front of a synagogue , the synagogue of Tunis.
Before anyone speaks from the right wing or from the Zionists with nonsense like "See what happens when the Arab dictators are removed !!?" and the shitty talk of nations of savage , you must understand that this protest was made by the remains of the former ruling party RCD.
One of the protesters was actually identified as a former RCD member and informer who used to spy on his follow citizens. Tunisians understand very well the game the RCD orphans are playing with them.
This is very old tactic used by previous regime members to create chaos and want to defame Tunisia in front of the international community
I will not speak about the Tunisian society and how peaceful it is because this is well known to the whole world.
The Ben Ali regime has not been removed from Tunisia despite the old man is currently in coma.


  1. that is what we dont want to happen in Egyp too. the old regime need to leave as soon as the opportunity is there. I pray for Egypt!!!

  2. There are some reports deposed Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben AliZine El Abidine Ben Ali has died in Saudi Arabia.

  3. A typical desperate act by desperate group of people who would try anything to survive.
    The Canadian.

  4. This is not an RCD-leftover demonstration. This was a Hizb al-Tahrir demonstration. The party has held several demonstrations in Tunis against democracy and for a caliphate. Don't fall into the same kind of denial as the old regime. There are extremists in Tunisia as everywhere else, and they have to be thwarted.


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