Saturday, February 19, 2011

And things in Bahrain are not that well either !!

Things in Bahrain are going from bad to worse , as far as I could tell the Bahrain regime is following the Mubarak´s regime down fall scenario step by step. The king of Bahrain has ordered his crown prince to start a national dialogue with the rest of the political powers in the country , does not this ring you a bell ?? What dialogue will the crown prince have if the people are being killed like that in the streets of Manama by the Bahraini army ?

These protesters in the video were chanting "Peaceful, peaceful" in reference to their protests like the chants we used to say during the #Jan25 revolution. They were gunned down by automatic guns. The demands of the protesters will be escalated now. It is no longer better political representation or a representative monarchy , it can be a real revolution against the Royal family with all this blood spelled by the current regime.
Allah is with you the people of Bahrain be sure of the , the blood of martyrs will not be wasted.


  1. It don't get any uglier than this when a regime loses control over the people. This is killing in cold blood!

  2. Here goes round three & the most crucial!! Closer to the main target than ever before, yet much is still needed to be done.
    Does anyone see the big picture yet? Come onn, it's becoming very easy by now


    A Human Being

  3. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un!!! shocking..cant believe people life is nothing to this leader and after all this they want people to forgive and have dialogue with them!!!! 7asbi Allah Wan3ma il Wakel!!!

  4. I just like to point out something. The motives of The Bahraini protestors are much different to the Egyptian. Bahrain is an economically stable country with only 4% unemployment. Their motives are not democracy or freedom.

  5. The Crown Prince controls neither the army nor the Min. of Int. This is not a country with a populace distribution like Egypt. This is an island that could turn into a new Lebanon (remember their civil war?) I actually think it's a brave move that he did just going on TV at the spur of the moment and calling for dialogue.

  6. Good video, exactly what is needed to wake the western "allies" up.

    Is this sent to BBC / Al Jazeera / New York Times yet?

  7. "I just like to point out something. The motives of The Bahraini protestors are much different to the Egyptian. Bahrain is an economically stable country with only 4% unemployment. Their motives are not democracy or freedom."

    The Shia are majority in Bahrian, at least 70% of the population, they are not represented and extremely marginalised. They are demanding a constitutional monarchy with proper parliament .. I think their motives are clear to be democracy and freedom, if you believe otherwise then why don't you tell us what their real motives are?

  8. @Sarah Bint what has democracy and freedom have anything to do with economic stability, you dont even seem to grasp what democracy is, you from Saudi Arabia?

  9. It's not really the Government's fault that elected MP's don't know the first thing about government. 10 years and not one single MP presented a plan to lower unemployment, to industrialize the country, to shape a vision and a path, not one. Gee, then, I wonder who did all those things to get this country's economy kicking again???
    This is a quest for power, pure and simple. The copy cat tactics of the Egyptian revolution are adequate proof. Oppressed people make their own revolutions: see Tunis, Egypt, Libya, Yemen. The only thing they have in common is revolution, but each one is unique to its country and people.
    People may be hoodwinked at first, but Allah will bring out the truth, and no one person will get but that which they deserve.

  10. Yeah I don't understand what you mean either, Sarah Bint. Bahrain has very high per capita income, but is extremely undemocratic. Maybe you misspoke?

    Sarah Bint Muhammad lives in Australia, by the way, I see from her profile.


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