Friday, February 18, 2011

The Libyan revolution next door “Updated”

It was only matter of time when the revolution tides reach to Libya , it was only matter of time as we are all expecting that the middle country between Tunisia and Egypt will recover soon enough from the virus that has been ruling it for 40 years.
These vides show the protests that spread like fire yesterday February 17th

This video was filmed yesterday at Nafosa mount area ,South West Tripoli where Citizens torched the internal security station “police station” and the revolutionary committees along the photos of the colonel. You can hear the angry citizens chanting “ The people want to down the regime” and “The people want to down the colonel”
The following video actually was filmed on February 16th at Al Bayda city , citizens torched the revolutionary committee there “Like the NDP I suppose in Egypt. Al Bayda was from the early Libyan cities that witnessed protesters right after the Tunisian revolution.

Things are terrible in Benghazi and Al Bayda as far as , Benghazi recorded a death toll of 30 citizens last night while Al Bayda recorded 35 citizens so far in the past few days as I read. The following video has got graphic content , it was filmed at a morgue in some hospital in Benghazi

From the videos you can see and hear that there is a huge excessive use of violence against the unarmed protesters. I do not know where the video below was filmed but you can hear crystal clear the live ammunition in it in a scary war.

The snipers of security forces were being used in several districts across the country. Here are snipers spotted in Darnah, I think at security directorate 

There are reports coming from the country that Qaddafi regime has cut water , electricity and gas from several cities.
According to Amnesty international not less 12 civilians were killed  were arrested in the past 2 days and this is just small estimation.
Now some Libyan Netizen “I suppose” used Google map to show us the locations of the protests across the country. “ great idea”

View Mapping Pro-Democracy Protests in Libya in a larger map
Libya has waited too long for this uprising that is evolving in front of us in to some sort of revolution , Libya does not deserve that crazy sick man and the Libyans have waited too long for this opportunity and they have be brave and not to be afraid from Qaddafi and his troops. The taste of freedom is not free and its price is paid in blood and this is why they should not be sad for the martyrs who were killed in this war of freedom.
God bless the Libyan people , God give strength to the grandchildren of Omar Al Mokhtar.
Now these Youtube Channels and Facebook groups are excellent source for the escalate uprising in Libya "Huge thanks to Libyan Girl"
FYI Qaddafi sent his cousin Ahmed Qaddaf El-Dam to Egypt to meet with the armed forces council from couple of days ago. Some sources say that the council refused to meet him while other sources say that the council met him.
CNN has reported that there is a protest currently of 50,000 citizens protesting after the burial of 30 martyrs.
The Libyans demand one demand : Qaddafi to step down.
Benghazi is currently on fire technically angry protesters have torched many of the regime's buildings , in the past 48 hours Benghazi alone witnessed the burial of not less than 45 citizens !!


  1. The huge thanks is due to you Zenobia for the excellent round up, bjad shukran I know there is a lot going on in Egypt and the rest of the region. Sorry for the long comments earlier but there were so many martyrs in the past two days and not enough media attention, I got quite emotional. Inshalla damhum y7arir libya zay jirana min alsharg w elgharb.

  2. Libya needs a leader who doesn't embarrass the whole country with his gay costumes.

  3. very important:
    read and retweet. refresh page if fails to load(500 error)

  4. يا تري القذافي هايهرب فين
    السعودية مش هاتوافق تاخده
    و مصر و تونس خلاص اتحرروا
    اكيد هايقاوم لآخر نفس

  5. Egyptian-in-USA (Egyptian Muslim Human) said...

    يا تري القذافي هايهرب فين
    السعودية مش هاتوافق تاخده
    و مصر و تونس خلاص اتحرروا
    اكيد هايقاوم لآخر نف


  6. @Egyptian-in-USA (Egyptian Muslim Human)
    Berlusconi will take Qaddafi into Italy and employ him as fashion designer at Dolce & Gabbana because of his taste in cloths.

  7. I dont think Gaddafi will come out of this alive

  8. Victory for Libya!
    Good bless you!

  9. A new site about Gaddafi and his sons corruption

  10. People need to get rid of such governments who treat their citizens in thin manner. What happens in Libya is nothing more than a war crime and everyone who took part in killing innocent people should be condemned.

  11. Are we sure that Qaddafi is losing?? People, who live in the zones of Libya involved in the civil war, say that most of what we read in newspapers and see in TV is not true...
    Read this article, it makes clear the situation in Libya:

  12. hats off to the people of libya!!!!!
    The 'Jamine revolution" is an evident example of a common man's agitation to the unjustices done to him........
    people need to get rid off people like gaddafi!!


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