Friday, February 18, 2011

A Moment We Were waiting for

The moment Ahmed Ezz tastes the meaning of jail for what he has done in the country !!

Ahmed Ezz, Ahmed El-Maghrabi and Zohair Garana were to be detained for 15 days at Tora prison by the orders of the general prosecutor Abdel Magid Mahmoud.

Ezz came with a handbag by the way as you can see, he is so picky.

According to what was leaked the amazing trio are staying with none other than businessman Khairat Al Shater of Muslim brotherhood and Hisham Talaat Mustafa. I want to see Hisham’s reaction when he sees his nemesis Ahmed Ezz in front of him in jail !!

This reminds when the so-called central of powers entered the jail in 1971 to be received  by the Abdel Hakim Amar group of 1967 !!

Even if they will get away with that “Hopefully they will not insh Allah” , this moment is too symbolic.

Abdel Magid Mahmoud has delegated all the prosecution offices in Egypt to investigate corruption cases from the former president’s era. It is not a surprise with the amount of cases he got in his office now. Already I will not be surprised if he asks for volunteers from lawyers.

We are waiting for the rest of those corrupted bastards to join their brothers.


  1. I have one little question, Hisham Talaat mostafa is still in Jail?? didn't he escape with all jails were forcefully opened during the revolution?

  2. And Mubarak still stays in Sharm? In his nice comfy villa with people protecting him. Who pays for that protection??

    very importan, please forward
    if the website gives and internal server: refresh

  4. yes I think he gets the taste of jail but am sure he gets special treatment in there. As long as the old mubarak regime still running the country, these people feel they are still in safe hands. As for Mubarak, he is comfy and safe in Sharm under the protection of the army of course and i think people are still paying for this and furthermore we must not forget Shafiq the PM his wife is the aunt to mubarak' daughter-in-law so it make sense isnt it! I hope mubarak in law also will be investigate for corruption!

  5. Yes ..True..We are waiting for the rest of those corrupted bastards to join their brothers.
    but please hurry up don't neglect the head of the corruption Mubarek's stolen money and his 2 Two devils "Sons"

  6. For those who championed the regime change, you should also champion and embrace the concept of, 'innocent until proven guilty'.


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