Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Committee to Bring Back Our money

To restore back our stolen money and our treasures especially from stolen antiquities that were taken during the Mubarak blessing era ,we should form a special committee ASAP. I do not know if we as citizens should call for this committee and start to form it by ourselves or demand the armed forces council to form just like the constitution amendments committee. I used the word demand because restoring our money and our antiquities is from our main priorities  now that can’t be postponed after 6 months especially with all that money , gold and antiquities that left the country.

This committee or to be accurate that special force should include members from the following agencies :

This task force or committee should be followed the armed force committee “already we know that one of its members is the head of the military intelligence” in the time being but in the future whether we become a presidential state or parliamentary state , this task force must follow the national security committee in the new elected parliament insh Allah because we are speaking about public money here.

This is a matter of national security , true national security. We are speaking about billions if not trillions of dollars not pounds , we are speaking about gold , we are speaking about the illegal antiquities trade that was taking place in Egypt and we are speaking about assets from houses , palaces and land around the globe.

The money or rather treasures stolen from Egypt are not only limited to the circle of Gamal Mubarak in the last decade but we are speaking about 3 decades to be specific. The circles surrounding the Mubaraks and the circles that surrounded the circles surrounding the Mubaraks.

Switzerland was the first to be kind enough to announce that it froze the Mubaraks and 40 other personalities related to them bank accounts since day one. Our Egyptian community there as far as I know is extremely active too God bless them. UK’s SOCA began to trace the Mubarak’s officials’ assets in the country. The UK’s position since day one was better than the States to be fair. France is also going to freeze the bank accounts for some Egyptian personalities yet the Mubaraks are not among them though despite the Mubarak has got a house in Paris. I got links for online petitions made by Egyptians asking the U.S administration to freeze any Egyptian assets in the States. “This is one of them

I think we should think outside the box and begin to target the Cayman islands banks because I know that are certain businessmen in Gamal Mubarak’s circle whose names have not yet brought up got some business there. 

Now I beg the rulers of UAE not to accept any transfer bank account transfer from the Mubaraks or their dirty entourage. I know it could be beyond the UAE rulers as we got also the UAE businessmen who got business relations with Alaa and Gamal Mubarak still these businessmen should know that the Egyptian people will not be so forgiven when it comes to corruption and aiding dictators.

The UAE rulers will insult us by favoring that big thief and his family’s accounts in their banks , they will insult their Arab and Islamic traditions. Westerners are standing besides so our Arab rulers should besides the Egyptian people because actually Mubarak used to take the aids these rulers used to send to help Egyptians with no right at all. The Arab people from the ocean to the Gulf are with us but their rulers can’t stomach our freedom and our revolution . We know that during these 3 weeks they were supporting Mubarak especially Saudi Arabia and Kuwait rulers.

It is not about nationalization but about public money , do not lecture me about investments when you steal public money , do not lecture about our national economy when you steal our national income.

Dear Wael Ghonim has set a campaign under the supervision of the armed forces council to collect LE 1 trillion to save Egypt , well with my respect to our dear friend but we do not need to set donation funds now. We need to restore our money back ASAP.

I swear if we restore our money back and use it in the perfect way , we will not in need to any aid from any country in the coming 100 years. Egypt is too damn rich as I have discovered because with all that money stolen for 30 years , only 40% of its population is under the poverty line !!


  1. Well done Zeinobia:

    All the services you mention are in the hands of the Old Regime. Thats why (urgent) Shafic's (Mubarak) appointed cabinet has to go, along with all the dinosaurs at the Military Council.

    I think everyone is savvy about this. Thats why the Friday millionia is important to strongly assert the revolution "The People Want a Change of Regime".

  2. @Last Anon. 100% agree. Shafiq and all the Ministers under the former regime and the one are running the country now has to leave! and hope ppl will go out for the Friday calls for 1 million on Medan Tahrir.


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