Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The End of the Mubarak Nazi Propaganda

Saved by the army !!
The man who was being saved in the clip and was hurrying to get in to the elevator protected by the army and surrounded by violent protesters who wanted a piece of him was none other than Abdel Latif Al-Manawy , the head of the news sector in the Egyptian TV. This video was filmed last Sunday and those protesters who wanted a piece of him are not Al Tahrir protesters but rather the employees of the news sector who complained so much from his hypocrisy and corruption.
Al-Manawy who returned back yesterday Monday to present a TV show on air on Ch.1 is acting as if he did nothing in the past 3 weeks , as if he were not accomplice in that stupid hateful full lies campaign against the Egyptian protesters and foreign press community in Egypt as well. Al-Manawy is trying to save his career which by all measures has flushed down from a long time for his constant hypocrisy.
There is a revolution inside the Egyptian TV literally against its corrupted and hypocrite leaderships that stole billions of pounds in all those years. The employees suffer from injustice you can’t believe it , from low salaries to corruption to reports written by security departments as if we were in the 1960s …etc. Children TV presenter Hala Fahmi once recounted how she found a report written against her because she hosted children in her show who told her that they liked the children of Palestine and this is just the tip of ice berg.
Al-Manawy was very close to the former minister of information Anas El-Fiky who resigned from his position and tried to flee the country to London but was busted by the army at the airport. The general prosecutor barred him from travel and has frozen his bank accounts in Egypt.Now he is under house arrest with his dogs.  Of course he claimed that he did not tried to escape nor he was forced to resign after the huge criticism he received and after the fact that the ERTU was fallen literally in the hands of the Egyptian people. The Egyptian protesters managed to encircle the iconic building on Thursday and Friday.

I believe Anas El-Fiky , Suzanne Mubarak’s man’s resignation was forced by the armed forces council as PM Shafik hinted that Fiky’s resignation was accepted by a higher authority . No higher authority above El-Fiky except the armed forces council. Anyhow as our famous Diva Sherihan said on Misr Al-Nahrada , Shafik should have fired him , resignation “even if it is forced one” is an honor he does not deserve it.
El-Fiky was being labeled Gobbles of the NDP because in his time we found stupid Nazi slogans like Egypt above all are repeated , in his time Egypt was the richest country in the world that all the countries envy and try to destabilize !! Nobody knows that much about the history of El-Fiky except that he is a publisher of children’s books that Suzanne Mubarak considered from her men. Only from few days ago we knew that he began his life as a dancer in Reda’s folklore dancing troupe !!!!
On Thursday and Friday TV executives including reportedly El-Fiky and Al-Manawy burnt important documents related to the corruption in the ERTU building , the thing made the employees go mad. Employees speak about big sum of money annually wasted in God knows what during the Fiky’s times. We are speaking about billions of pounds here. Now how was Anas El-Fiky the former first lady’s man in the media ?? well simply he used to give her charities and projects millions of pounds from the ERTU’s budget.
The Mubarak regime children in the media are either in a deep terrible or trying to save themselves . There are revolts in the official press castles currently ; MENA news agency journalists against their chief in editor and CEO , Rosa Al Youssef journalists against its chief in editor and CEO , Al Ahram journalists against its chief in editor and CEO and October magazine journalists against its chief in editor. All of these executives were proud NDPians who deluded the people with  their lies who wasted our money , our taxes in God knows what.
By the way since the fall of Mubarak’s regime and we do not know which channel to watch on Nile Sat thanks to the sudden freedom we have now !! Seriously it is like a marathon between channels to host all guests that were banned from Egyptian TV channels like Hamdi Kandeel , Amr Khaled and Haikel whom we may find on national TV for the first time since God knows now when very soon insh Allah.


  1. It sounds like a fascinating time there. Is there discussion on these TV channels since Mubarak's departure about their role of deception during his time in power ? What must it be like for his believers to see this turnaround on the coverage. There must have been plenty of people who believed what they were being told before. Anyway, thanks for your wonderful coverage of the events. Be safe.

  2. What about hypocrites on private TV's channels?
    Kindly watch that clip and comment or tweet.


  3. Nice read!
    I think state TV, along with public figures who tried to change the public opinion about the protests are already debunked. You'd already see many TV shows now try to convince viewers that they did NOT accuse or attack the protests. And even the state newspapers are trying to run with the flow nowadays. Some public figures even cried as an attempt to get their reputation back.
    I don't like what's going on on almost all TV shows and newspapers nowadays. Everyone obviously is swearing or blaming everything, literally, everything on Mubarak. Is this the kind of freedom of speech we want? Revenge?

  4. My humble comment: For the moment, redirect the "revenge-energy" toward building and creating the type of society that your Revolution was based on. A free, democratic and just society. When this happens, those that have transgressed can be brought to justice in an honorable way the upholds the ideals of a Just society with "Freedom and Justice for All."

    As a side note: revenge will never ERASE the pain of what you have lived, restitution, also will never erase that pain (it may help). But perhaps if those that caused the pain can sincerely understand the pain they caused and express remorse and firmly and truly resolve to change, then perhaps this will be a beginning...

  5. I hope all this corrupted regime dogs leave the tv station and be replaced with somebody who are honest with dignity and know the truth about journalism! the day will come for them to leave soon! hope ppl who works @ the State TV have papers to prove of their crimes!

  6. You work hard to tell the truth. I admire you.

    Neil Pollick
    English teacher in Cairo


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    وشعبنا نصه أمي
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    I hope that u can help fighting this hidden war.

    FYI. Hussein Salem his last wife is Romanian


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