Sunday, February 6, 2011

“Graphic” Police force kills unarmed Egyptian civilian

This is extremely graphic , real graphic. This video is from Alexandria it was filmed allegedly on the 31st of January 2011 “I read that it was filmed on the 29th of January 2011”

A mother and her daughter standing in a  balcony , the daughter was filming with her mobile phone the protests and the clashes between the protesters and the CSF that were clearly using

Nothing could prepare the daughter or the mother for the scene they would witness and would catch it on a camera. “ Extremely graphic”

Killing unarmed man

The man was showing them that he had nothing , he was unarmed man and yet they killed him in point blank. Why did those bastards kill him !!? DO not even ask !!

The mother kept screaming you animals , why you animals !!

This is why we will not leave the Tahrir square , this is why we want to prosecute this regime , this is a human rights crime.

Hosni  Mubarak , Omar Soliman and Ahmed Shafik did not apologize for once for those great honorable people who were killed by security forces in the past week and this means they are not sincere in what they claim. If they respect the #Jan25 revolution or the Egyptian people or even respect Egypt for real and care for its stability.

That one minute mourning standing Omar Soliman and those Egyptian parties and factions did earlier today in their meeting is not enough. I want Soliman to come and say , yes our police forces killed civilians and we apologize for their murder , who gave the order will be prosecuted whoever he is responsible for this massacre. 

I do not think the family of that man wants Mubarak to stay till September , I do think that mother and her daughter want Mubarak to stay till September.

I want to you to spread this video throughout the world , I want to see in all the world’s channels. The world must understand that we can’t trust Mubarak or his regime anymore.


  1. This is the worst proof of state atrocity to be seen. Saw it yesterday and keeps haunting me. The young man was clearly unarmed and shows this by opening his arms. That's when they killed him point blank. This is called murder, coldblooded murder. Why should Soliman apologize for something he is so used to... It is their way of making government. That is why it has to go. It does not serve the Egyptian people - it kills them in cold blood. Tahrir must not give up. It is vital and the only chance to stop these crimes to the people.

  2. saw this video on youtube, shocking, anger and sad at the same time! this is why all Egyptians need to go down and ask mubarak to leave!!!!


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