Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Interim cabinet’s News ministers

Here is the official interim cabinet’s new ministers that have been sworn today in front of minister Tantawy of defense , the head of the armed forces council. This is not a new interim cabinet but rather a ministerial reshuffle.
Yesterday PM Ahmed Shafik showed the names of the ministers he suggested to the council and the council granted the approval on some names , later the minister swore.
Here is the official list of the new ministers :
  • Dr. Yahia El Gamal as deputy prime minister
  • Dr. Amr Ezz as minister of scientific research and technology
  • Dr. Ahmed Gamal El-Din as minister of higher education and education
  • Dr. Maged Ibrahim Othamn as minister of telecommunication and IT
  • Dr. Ashraf Hatem as minister of health and population
  • Eng. Mahmoud Amar as minister of oil and minerals wealth
  • Dr. Gouda Abdel Khalak as minister of social security
  • Dr. Samir Youssef as minister of trade and industry
  • MR. Ismail Fahmy as minister of manpower and immigration
  • MR. Mounir Fakhri Abdel Nour as minister of tourism 
  • Eng. Mohamed El-Sawy as minister of culture
Ok I see ministries that have been combined , the education and higher education are now one ministry. The ministers of interior , defense and foreign affairs are still there. We understand why the minister of defense is there , also the new minister of interior but I do not understand why to keep a minister like Abu El-Gait who attacked the revolution and boldly said that Egypt was not Tunisia. Are there no other diplomats except him in Egypt !!?
There is no news about Siyad Mishal , the minister of war production. Already the man is facing corruption charges from Mustafa Bakery , Bakery should be clever and bring up the Mercedes scandal or the Finnish bribe !!
If you compare with the list of Monday , you will find that there are three names omitted from the list :Amr Hamzawy “he refused” , Hani Sarie and Georgette Kelliny. One name only changed : Ahmed Abdel as minister of oil has become Ashraf Hatem.
What we know about the new names added to the list is the following :
  • Dr. Samir Youssef was the CEO of Pachin which is a public sector company.
  • Dr Ashraf Hatem was the manager of Cairo university hospitals.
  • Eng. Mahmoud Amar was the chairman of the Egyptian oil authority for natural gas.
  • Dr. Ismail Fahmy , A Wafd party member , working in Egypt Air and heads its union.
So we have two Wafd members , one unionist member .
Anyhow next Friday people will go again to Al Tahrir to down Ahmed Shafik and also Mahmoud Wagdy whose first interview on Ch.2 , Egyptian TV made many people angry and they have to.


  1. Dr. Maged Ibrahim Othamn
    Is not an Communication or computer Engineer in fact his not an engineer at all ,he is specialized in Statistics
    I can't see how a non engineer can be the head of the ministry of telecommunication and IT be

  2. Ahmed Shafiq has to go even in interim government he is not accepted, remnant of corrupt Mubarak. Friday we will bring Shafiq piece of .. down

  3. What about asking for the resignations of all of Moubarak's generals who rule this country and have stolen its wealths for so long????

  4. Excellent post Admin. Now I have to really think about what I say here ;)
    I think it's important for people to also think about how powerful an effect comments can have, especially for new bloggers. A comment is both a validation that someone has read the content and connected with it - that can inspire someone to continue on interimmanager, or if too negative, make others consider shutting down.
    At any rate, I'll give this more thought but I'm bookmarking this post to share with Friends. Thanks again.


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