Egyptian Chronicles: #Jan25 : Here are the agents of Iran and Israel”1”

Monday, February 7, 2011

#Jan25 : Here are the agents of Iran and Israel”1”

The official media claims that the people in Al Tahrir are agents of Israel and Iran , getting paid by dollars and receiving KFC meals !! Strangely KFC Al Tahrir is currently closed and KFC franchise itself is owned in Egypt by none other than Moataz Al-Alfi of NDP. “The chairman of financial committee in the party and rumor says the Mubarak brothers are his secret associates”
Here are the  Muslim brotherhood agents of Iran and Israel :
From backgrounds

Speaking to TV channels

A protest before the protest
Here are the agents repeating anti-Mubarak slogans.
The million protest at Tahrir square
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  1. There are youtube videos mocking the kentucky propaganda

    Wish the translation was accurate so the full masri humour would come across 'is that a chicken thigh or a leg' :D Personally I would choose koshari over kentucky anyday

    Allah yi7mihum w yi7mi masr

  2. Thanks for finally uncovering the truth about these agents. Real dangerous folk. It is much easier to catch up with the reality of the official media once you've seen for yourself just how scary they are! Did you see how some even dye their hair grey to cover up they actually belong to the dreaded youth? These people will stop at nothing!
    I wonder who the young woman on the first pic might be. Double agent I bet.

  3. I found your page very interesting!!! Don't u have a facebook page??? I would like to stay in touch.. I already suscribe to your youtube channel =)

  4. Agents of Iran and Israel, HA! I have friends who are Egyptian, one born and just a citizen (probably) and they are supporting their people! Now tell me, if these were enemies of the people, why would they be supported all over the world? I admire that woman who left state TV to join the demonstrators because of this type of information. :)

    I am American and pray for you all. I wish I could stand there in Tahrir Square with you. Stay strong!

  5. You have fallen victim to a fear and disinformation campaign to turn you against the pro-democracy protestors. I heard KFC has been closed for a while.

    Israel and Iran are enemies, they would never be working together. Israel wants a Mubarak dictatorship, therefore they would not be chanting anti Mubarak slogans.
    If these women were agents they would be taking pictures or trying to infiltrate. They would not be dressed like westerners.

    Most likely Israel would be helping to identify any anti-mubarak leaders identities through facebook or twitter and finding the their addresses to help to arrest them.

    The muslim brotherhood is an opportunistic group that will change sides for money or power according to As'ad AbuKhalil (
    They are used by Mubarak to scare people, as the only alternative to him.
    This disinformation has been spread around to divide the Egyptian people and make them fearful, to distrust everyone, and cause xenophobia. This will split the revolutionaries and weaken the movement. This is actually the hand of Israel, Mubarak, and Suleiman, and you have fallen for it.

    The anti-Mubark cause is right and just and the world is with you. Don't be afraid of this. No one can hurt you if you stand together.

  6. OMG!!!!!!

    I KNEW those guys were up to something! Iran and Israel have been fooling us all with their arguing, I should have guessed they were allied in a plot to destroy my country!

  7. Strangely, a segment of Egyptian society believe the shit this regime is feeding them and begin to sympathize with shithead and his inner circle.
    Anybody who listens or reads state media news deserve to be ruled by shitheads.

  8. I don't believe what their media says. Interesting article on Egypt and Israel from the Huff Post.

  9. Get rid of Mubarak and his entire regime. They support Israel, the enemy of all people of justice and morality. The Egyptian government is bribed by the US to support their brutal racist neighbours. Do-not accept less than a full regime change. Mubarak must be taken from his hiding place and dispatched to the US or Israel

  10. That old Israel/Muslim Brotherhood/Iran axis raises its head YET AGAIN!

    Does anyone believe this or do they just say, "I dislike one or more of those" so I'll back "stability."

  11. Israel would welcome Mubarak any day.He has done a lot for Egypt and for the ME peace.The guy is a war hero.
    It is going to be very hard to find anyone who could fit into his shoes.

    As an Israeli ExIDF I salute Mubarak.

  12. Egyptians, stick together. Do not eat your own revolution by finding infiltrators around every corner. Stay together and they can do nothing. Do not be afraid.

    It is not about the US or Israel, it is about you and your future. Ignore everyone else. God speed.


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