Monday, February 7, 2011

Mohamed ElBaradei : Mubarak has an opportunity to leave in dignified way

Mohamed ElBaradei made a lot of interview in the past two weeks that I could ever follow and again the man proved to be persistent just like the protesters of Al Tahrir “ No dialogue before the departure”.

Dr. ElBaradei spoke yesterday to Yosri Fouda on ONTV yesterday and you must see him speaking.

ElBaradei speaks to Yosri Fouda

Mubarak has an opportunity to leave in dignified way now , he can go with dignity . The U.S ambassador to Cairo was not the only one who spoke to him on the phone but in fact the whole world from ministers and presidents. No negotiations before the departure of Mubarak. The regime is falling down because it was a regime built upon Mubarak. This void Mubarak spoke about ABC means the regime is not weak , fake. He wants to transfer this pharaoh regime to democratic regime. Israel and West are scared from democratic Egypt because then Egypt will not give comprises. It is a matter of trust, the people do not have any trust in the new PM and VP who are from the military.

These changes and reforms Mubarak spoke of are a trick , where is the parties law !!? Where is the emergency law ?

We want the army to protect this growing democracy. ElBaradei suggested having a council to operate the country’s affair in this difficult time made of the army , civilians and interim technocratic cabinet.

I think Ammar Al-Sharai whom I wish him a speedy recovery owes Dr. ElBaradei an apology because Dr. ElBaradei is not like our obelisk in Paris.

ElBaradei did not claim to be the leader of the movement in Al Tahrir or the revolution , he was clear that he will run for presidency if the people want so yet he does not look to become the president unlike some in Egypt.

Dr. ElBaradei is still insisting on what he wanted since day one of the protests and I think he proved himself to be more loyal to our demands than those politicians who are changing so rapidly by the hour.

ElBaradei again and again kept and insisted on his demands that are actually the demands of the people of Al Tahrir. I know many people there do not like him but if we are going to speak about faces who really can represent us as Egyptians in talks with the army “ not with Mubarak” , ElBaradei should be among them.

I respect ElBaradei more than Amr Moussa , knowing that it is the definite end of Mubarak , Moussa began to talk now but before that he was too shy to say anything. Of course Our people prefer Moussa because they know him well unlike ElBaradei plus Moussa is more hot tempered like them too.

ElBaradei did not jump on the protests , already he was participating in the protest of Friday January 28,2011 and found himself under a house arrest when all the opposition figures like Siyad El-Badawy were hiding in their houses before speaking

I believe this media campaign against ElBaradei was  a result of the international support to the man and unfortunately the media campaign managed to create this barrier between ElBaradei and the rest of the public for current time.

If you ask me ElBaradei is from the few qualified to sit and talk with Omar Soliman or rather the army to represent me as Egyptian citizens.


  1. Zeinobia, I usually agree with you (and I have so much respect for your blog!), but on this I think you are wrong.

    Anybody who agrees to sit and talk with Omar Suleiman thereby gives him legitimacy, even if they don't mean to. Who is Suleiman? A "Vice President" appointed by an illegitimate criminal? The chief of the criminal mukhabarat that has been oppressing Egyptian citizens for decades on behalf of foreign interests?

    Why would the Egyptian people want to talk or negotiate with him? It is they who decide who is legitimate and who is not, and they have decided that this regime, including Suleiman, have no legitimacy.

    Similarly, the houses of parliament (shaab & shura) have no legitimacy and should be treated as such by the people.

    It is the same with the illegitimate constitution, which was imposed on the Egyptian people against their will, and which is designed to perpetuate a dictatorship.

    What the people should do, to move the revolution to its next level, is to meet with constitutional experts who are known to have no relation with the regime, and design a new democratic constitution, to be presented to the Egyptian people.

    Alternatively, they could call for immediate parliamentary elections under judicial and international monitoring.

    Either one could go first, because neither the president, the parliament nor the constitution have any legal basis, because they were imposed by fraud and force.

    The regime is now trying in a sneaky way to destroy the revolution by getting the people to acknowledge the legitimacy and authority of Omar Suleiman and the regime's constitution -- I pray we won't fall for it.

  2. Dear Zeinobia,

    You're completely right, at least he is not playing along with the tricks of this filthy regime, he is being honest and is holding on "to his word" and to his dignity which is something many personalities in Egypt have lost and forgot about as a result of the 30 years of oppression and corruption.
    Hasbia Allah on those Monafiqin, don't they ever think for one second that they will have to face Allah on their day of judgement when they will be questionned?

  3. According to my friends, one has been to Egypt, one is Egyptian, the Egyptian constitution is actually very good and protects the people's rights. It's just that it has been kept in the dark due to the use of emergency laws after the last president was assassinated.

    Here is a link to that constitution:

  4. Here is the Egyptian constitution in Arabic for anyone who can read and understand it better. Also posted by my Egyptian friend.

  5. This regime will try anything to hijack this revolution, do not trust the new government as they are all old dogs with new collars.

  6. If the military goes on with their very slow pace of dealing with crucial missions ( rememebr most of them 50% in thanawya ama ). They can easily bring the country to a civil war specially when people are still very angery about their:
    1) suspcious hidden agenda
    2) they were the dogs of mubarak.
    3) they share mubarak black history( seek and you shall find). once they are gone they will be discovered too
    4) trying to steal the revolution
    5) everything they do is hidden and unclear to any one
    6) why they avoid media and reporters questions
    7) keep Shafeek and his dogs
    8) throw some crumbs to egyptian from time to time
    9) it comes to "I have the gun and you peaceful people what you gonna do about it" be happy with crumbs

    BUT the younger officers who gets no crumbs will rise too. Dummieeeees


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