Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sherihan At the midan

When I heard her voice in Al Jazeera supporting the protests and the revolution , I was so so so so happy , when I saw video showing her at Al Tahrir square yesterday I became even happier.

Sherihan in Al Tahrir square

After years away from lights thanks to the severe battle of cancer she is fighting , Sherihan announced her support to the revolution since January 28 when all artists were supporting Mubarak.

Of course my generation remembers what happened to Sherihan thanks to Alaa Mubarak , when time comes all these crimes will be known to the whole world.  Some times I feel that Sherihan married Alaa El-Khawaga to protect her from this regime.

Sherihan was not a political activist like Khaled Abu Naga or comes from a real leftist political family like Amr Waked yet she is our Sheri who knows in first hand experience the crimes of Mubarak.

God bless ya Sheri , God bless you my dear.

I know it is not the proper time but here is Sherihan in her golden time in 1987 I think. I used to watch her Fawzeer and Arabian nights on video tapes for years when I was kid like an addiction , she was our showbiz queen.


  1. I remembered when I was living in Cairo for 5 years, I used to watch her on Tv especially on Ramadan where she will have her own show dancing and music and of course her films. she is a beautiful girl and have great talent. was wondering what happen to her since she was missing from the screen from a long time. am glad that she is getting better from her sickness and may God bless and protect her and her daughter.

    Was wondering what did happen to her that you thanked Alaa mubarak for it.....

  2. I would really like sharihan to tell us about her relation with alaa Mubarak I am dead sure it was not alaa I dare her and anybody else who knows the real story to say who she had a relation with

  3. What happened with her and Alaa Mubarak? I don't live in Egypt so I don't have access to the local street gossip re: famous Egyptians.

    If you want to be an accurate journalist or reporter, you should give your readers the complete story and not just bits and pieces of information.

  4. That story is not true sharihan was not in relation or even knew alaa Mubarak I dare her to say so and I dare you to confirm this with any evidence

  5. I believe the story about Sherihan and Alaa Mubarak is 100% true. When the Egyptian TV aired her fawazeer and Alf leilah Wi lilah ( Meshka7 and Remah). My friend's hair dresser was among the cast and They would go on and on about how cute this couple was! and later this year She had her accident Which she claimed " MV in the desert" it did not make sense at the time to be totally crippled in an accident in the desert! But later this year we have not heard anything about Alaa and her any more. Now with her very enthusiastic about anti government protest. It kind of all makes sense now. It is a fact that she was Alaa 's girl friend. The debatable issue is whether Mubarak would go that far to keep them apart.

  6. when i ve seen sherihan at the revolution, the other day i felt so happy to see her well, always strong and beautiful


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