Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another Historical Friday

And we had another historical Friday when we thought that Historical Fridays are over after the historical Friday of step downing
In a scene we have not seen in decades , an Egyptian prime minister was being carried over the shoulders in a protest of love and hope . I think the last time Egypt have seen similar scene was before the coup of 1952. I am not comparing Essam Sharaf with Mustafa El-Nahas of course despite Dr. Sharaf has a great opportunity to be remembered in the Egyptian history like Mustafa Pasha El-Nahas if he manages to lead us successfully insh Allah in this very critical time of our history.
New hope "Reuters"
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Essam Sharaf went earlier today to Al Tahrir square , already his new office at the cabinet is couple of blocks away. He prayed at his office as far as I know as he was so busy “in fact he is extremely busy in forming his new cabinet” . After the prayer he went to Tahrir square , it was like swimming in a pool of human beings surrounded by military police. Hundreds of thousands if not one million Egyptian were already there. The new PM reached to podium of the internal radio station of the square carried on shoulders.“while watching him on TV I feared that the man would suffer a heart attack”

Sharaf gave the first real public speech for a prime minister for true non NDPian or any single party members Egyptians. He addressed not only the people at Tahrir but millions of Egyptians with few words on the podium that was interpreted foolishly by over enthusiastic Hussein Abdel Ghany and MB’s Beltagy who acted like 16 years old teenagers who have joined a political protest for the first time !! I do not know what is feeling of any NDPian watched that moment but I know the NDP gang and orphans do not like it.
You can see the video of Dr. Essam Sharaf’s speech after the break.
The technocrat PM proved to understand how to talk to the people wining their hearts and their minds with his small speech where he announced his full respect to the martyrs and how he promised the Egyptian people to return back himself to the square if he fails in the mission. Most importantly the PM said that his legitimacy comes from the Al Tahrir and the revolution.
The PM was carried again on shoulders after leaving the podium. This gives a lot of hope to millions of Egyptians to see a PM that acts like a normal man without fearing huge crowd like that and without bodyguards.
From their side several protesting groups at Tahrir decided to give Sharaf a chance two weeks , if he fails , they will return back to the square. Of course they will not be alone as Dr. Sharaf promised to go there as well.
Here are couple of photos from Tahrir square today from international agencies.
Pushing through the crowed "reuters"
Army and people one hand "Reuters"
Little cute Egyptian baby "Reuters"
Little Azhar student celebrates Tahrir way "Reuters"
Beltagy , Sharaf and Abdel Aziz" AP"
A kiss from a citizen "AP"
Carried over shoulders 
Here is a great profile about our new prime minister Dr. Essam Sharaf from Al Ahram online. There are leaks that Dr. Sharaf has got a card blanche from the AFC to get rid from all Mubarak’s ministers except field marshal Tantawy of course. There are promising names like Zakaria Abdel Aziz and Hisham El-Bastawsy. Judge Zakaria was already besides Sharaf at podium , it was more than great to see him again.


  1. Dear Zeinobia,

    Al ham du li Allah.

    Please if you get the chance, post the Dream 2 TV show titled "I used to be a minister - Konto Waziran" with Dr. Essam Sharif (aired originally in 2009 and rebroadcasted again 2 days ago) , it is very good and introduces us to a very decent man. May Allah protect and guide him and all of our young people and our country.

  2. رئيس وزراء أستاذ طرق عالمي...طب ليه مافيش شارع عدل فى مصر
    جربنا مليون مره أساتذه جامعيين كوزراء و رؤساء وزراء و النتيجة معروفة.
    أنا رأى أن الثورة خسرت شفيق و رشيد ناس elite technocrates so patriotic snd honest.
    على فكرة لو كله تمام حنحتاج لتغيير الشعب أنا مشيت على كورنيش إسكندرية انهارده الشعب فعلا زباله لأ سلوكيات و لا أخلاقيات ه

  3. I'm very happy for you. This and the raid on State Security HQ in Alexandria are amazing news. Revolution is going on. Don't stop!
    I know you don't. ;-)

  4. Alhamdullilah Insyallah Egypt will is going to the right track and will be a better country. Tonight news is really shocking but am sooo happy that it happens in Alexandria. My great respect for all the Alexandria youngs who risk their lives to stop the State Security Police from destroying evidence and to release detainess there. May Allah swt bless and protect them all insyallah. the funny thing on the State Security Police facebook they were saying those destroyed papers were magazine from playboy!!! what a joke!! thanks Z for another good report!

  5. I doubt very much that Essam Sharaf can fix things in 2 weeks since he inherited a terrible mess.Please give the man more time for a real change to be noticed.

  6. Can you also promote on your blog woman action planed for 8 march! It's very important for all women in Eg. regards

    And realy I don't understand why Almasry al youm put this article in culture section!! When man protest it is politics, when woman only culture. U must change something in your country. You are not respect by man!

  7. I am 1,000s of miles away from you. I follow you, because I am inspired by how the Egyptian people are transforming their society. The POSITIVE HOPE that underlies and motivates is an inspiration to all, the world over. It is a breath of fresh air to see that, Yes - the world CAN be a better place. Thank you for affording me the opportunity to share my thoughts with you regarding HOPE CHANGE and what is now happening in Libya.

    My hope is that Libya is a successful nation - that the things which make all of us worthy to be HUMAN inspires and gives strength to Libyans as they strive to make a better life for themselves, their children, and the futre. I hope that human dignity, social justice, compassion prevail as a new mind set, not only in Libya but throughout the WORLD. This is my hope, maybe it's too ideal - maybe naive, but if we don't have hope, if we don't strive to make this world better - then we are no better off. The world is too crazy - we need to stop hating. We need to act in a way that is worthy of HUMANITY.

  8. Jacqueline, stop babbling.


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