Thursday, March 10, 2011

ElBaradei will Run for Presidency in Egypt

Mohamed ElBaradei has declared from couple of hours that he will run for presidency in Egypt when the presidential candidacy is officially and open and when we have a real democratic life resulted from a real constitution. This important announcement was declared earlier on air from 3 hours ago on ON TV from 6th of October and it made headlines already around the globe.

Mohamed ElBaradei spoke for the first time for 3 hours on air since the revolution and the fall of Shafik’s cabinet on an Egyptian TV channel. “For the record Shafik attacked ElBaradei”

The man has not changed his views since returning back from Vienna from a year ago. He spoke more about his views concerning Egypt , about our political structure , economy , education , social justice and our foreign policies in general. He also clarified all the myths about him whether his nationality or his wife’s nationality or his daughter’s marriage or his visit to Israel or his role in the invasion of Iraq.

He will either boycott the coming constitution amendments referendum or will vote against it because they do not limit the president’s power. He also does not approve article no.75 that deals with the citizenship and the nationality of candidates and consider it unfair. He also believes and supports the rights of the Egyptians abroad to vote.

Despite Dr. ElBaradei announced that he will run for presidency , he expressed his approval to join the presidential council he and other politicians suggested to rule the country after the AFC to give Egypt enough time for a complete democratic transition. Of course one of the conditions of the presidential council that its members will not be able to run for presidency later.

He is liberal socialist who believes in social justice.  He believes that the rich should pay for education. He believes in rebuilding our education from scratch. He believes and supports article no.2 from our constitution and does not consider it discriminatory on the contrary.

Israel will not welcome him as a president at all as he is not only liberal socialist but also liberal socialist pan Arab nationalist. Of course the student of FM Ismail Fahmi believes Israel does not want Egypt to have real democracy because then Egypt will be equal to Israel and the later will not have this master slave relation again. “Of course the only slaves of Israel in Egypt were Mubarak and his men” Another thing Israel will not like is his views about the Egyptian Iranian relations , they must return back.

ElBaradei is ready to have a debate with Amr Moussa who is also a long time friend since the days of Ismail Fahmy. He is also revealed that he will have lunch next week with Moussa. By the way I think both men are related if I am not mistaken too.

The ElBaradei campaign will be launched officially I assume very soon as the man has already gain huge popularity after this interview.

Tomorrow or rather today there will be a discussion with ElBaradei at the syndication of journalists in Cairo moderated by Dr. Alaa Al Aswany at 7 PM Cairo local time.

I forget to speak about the TV hosts , this time Reem Maged was the guest of Yosri Fouda in his show, both were great despite Reem did not speak as much as Fouda. On TV had never this amount of ads of before in late night shows like that , no wonder ElBaradei said that he wanted his share from the ads.

ON TV will upload a version of the show dubbed in English but for the current time I will share with you the Arabic version , I will update this post as the new version will be uploaded.

Dr. ElBaradei : I will run for presidency


  1. Thank you!
    I have to say that this was the best interview that Egypt has ever witnessed! ElBaradei presented his own questions and answered them! Awesome!

  2. Thank you !
    This was the best interview that Egypt has ever witnessed! ElBaradei presented his own questions and answered them! Awesome!

  3. You write so much, and good. Thanks for this and others
    and another for your up-to-date twittering - a rock

  4. I have great respect for Dr ElBaradei. You could see he was talking from his heart and he was honest in his views and ideas about Egypt! This is the kind of leader that will bring Egypt to democratic country. a leader who love and want the best for his country and people!

    I was once on the same plane with him from Cairo to Vienna and he was a very humble and decent man.

    I pray that God will protect him and his family since now that he officially announced he will be running for the Presidency election.

    Thank you Z for another wonderful report about him and hope to see the video in English soon insyallah.

  5. Egypt would be lucky if ElBaradei is elected president with 51% of the votes in the true & free elections. He is perfectly suited for this critical transformation with his vision and faith.

  6. Sorry but I'm a little bit confused; did Mubarak swayed America to invade Iraq or not??! and where in wikileaks did Mubarak say that he agreed on the invasion you've posted before about George W Bush's book that mentioned that Mubarak swayed bush to invade Iraq while the cables mentioned otherwise with a "wag" of his finger, I'm really confused with what he said !!!

  7. First of all, your blog is one of my top news sources on Egypt, since I am away and it hurts me to not be there.

    I'm not sure how I feel about him. But for now I'm not a big fan. I don't think he is very capable and I don't want to just jump out on the bandwagon and support him without knowing more about him.

    We need to make the right and careful decision and I don't think this man should be our president now.

  8. I love and respect this man alot.
    I respect him for not changing his opinion to go well with certain situations.
    I respect him for doing something when others were just dreaming.
    I respect his opinions and mind because he's the only one who looks reasonable and makes sense to me.
    He's the only presidential candidate who my mind accepted :D

  9. very good coverage. Bravo to you there. keep up the good work.cheers/


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