Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Déjà vu : What happened at Tahrir on March 9th !!

I do not know why I felt that I saw that before !!? Oh yes I saw it before so did the whole world on February 2nd ,2011 !!

I do not know exactly what happened there and why. There are lots of conflicting reports still there are important facts :

  1. There were thugs “ from the State security and NDP’s favorite type”
  2. The journalists and reporters went to cover what was taking place at Tahrir square were arrested and currently being detained at the Egyptian museum.
  3. The tents at the Tahrir square garden were removed by force by the army and reportedly the thugs too.
  4. The martyrs memorial is reportedly removed , still our Egyptian flag is there.
  5. The curfew will reportedly start in Tahrir area at 9 PM specifically.

This is a dangerous escalation especially with all the unrests taking place in the country in the past 48 hours. What is even more dangerous the alleged reports that the army was working against the thugs and against the protesters “I hope that I understand it wrong and it will be a misunderstand”. Already last night there were clashes between thugs and protests with Molotov cocktails.

Thugs and military police chasing people out of Tahrir

Here is a video showing the tents at Tahrir removed “The video quality is not that good”

Removing tents from Tahrir square garden
From the Dostor : Thugs removing tents

In that video filmed and posted by Dostor News I see the plain cloth agents and thugs of SS removing the tents disgustingly , they are not students as national TV claims.

According to eye witnesses there were State security officers over the Tahrir’s buildings just like February 2th. We know that the state security state security and the NDP are behind this as no one can mobilize more than 100 thugs at the same time across Cairo except these two ugly things.

And I wonder again : Is the army with the state security and NDP or is with the revolution 100% !!? I have to wonder because I am worried. The removal of the martyrs’ memorial is the worst message ever.

The Rassd News Network that uses Facebook as platform as its website claims that the army removed the tents and ended that sit in violently because that camp included a tent for prostitution !! This bothers me because it reminds what comedian Talaat Zakaria claimed on air during the early days of revolution !! If anyone has a proof on this then please share it.  Anyhow some source says that there is a disagreement between the supervisors of the RNN already !!

The National TV claims that the unrests in Tahrir started with a group of high school students protesting for stability clashed with the protesters who were having a sit in the square’s garden. For the record those students did not look students to me in that video reported aired on the national TV , they did not look students to my family and my friends either !! The national TV needs to be cleaned from Abdel Latif Al Manawy , we can have better news sector if we have someone like Hafez Al Marzi or Hussein Abdel Ghani instead of him.

I feel that I have seen before again on February 2nd and strangely thank God we came from it even stronger.

Of course normal people , the average Egyptians are asking why they were protesters having a sit in at the square when everybody agreed to give Essam Sharaf two weeks before returning back to the square , you can’t blame them. It is no secret that normal people think that the economy is bad due to the protesters in Al Tahrir already.

We need to reorganize ourselves and change our strategies and our tactics to fit this critical period. The revolution is still on and it will not be stopped if the Tahrir turns to be again the traffic hell of Egypt.


  1. I totally agree...democratic normality will be the best revolution ever!

  2. ...everybody agreed to give Essam Sharaf two weeks before returning back to the square

    Huh? Why did "everyone" thought that everyone agrees. Even though most does not have problem with Sharaf, they have problem with someone else.

    Tahrir should be place where people can protest peacefully without fear of thugs. This should be the number one priority for military. Clearly there are problems in Egypt and there needs to be forum to express those. And people has spoken, the forum is now Tahrir.

    - Traffic is not the reason to close Tahrir, it can be arranged.
    - Peaceful protests does not hurt economy.
    - Journalists should have free access to Tahrir.

  3. I think everyone should cool down a bit, spreading rumors and theories isn't really gonna benfit anyone.

    Maybe they were NDP and SS thugs and panicked when Shafiq left?
    Maybe they were shop owners frustated by lack of business?
    Maybe they were regular citizens longing for normality and stabilty?
    Maybe the SS are the ones behind inciting secular tension?

    People need to prioritize their demands and realize that change doesn't happen all at once.

  4. Hi folks down south! It seems to me, You might just be passing a very ernest and complicated phase of transition. After the take over of secret service buliding and all the documents (what was surely a very important step - see the transition in east germany and other states of east block 20 years ago, where the atak of people on state security centrals was the o n l y way to stop the shreddering of documents), You seemed to have found, it lays near, that some of the high class people have the feeling, that its time to stop the night mare (what it is in the eyes of the old regime), because they fear too much that all the horror stories get onto surface.

    I press thumbs, that You take cool abd well thought actions now, not to loose or to fall into a civil war like fight between protestors and old style state people.
    Grz from germany, pu

  5. I believe those peaceful demonstrators didnt destruct traffic at Tahrir or disturb the business around the area! in fact a lot of tourists I read from facebook and other websites on the internet would love to come and visit Tahrir when they come to Egypt since it is a symbolic of freedom! so to blame the demonstrators for anything is happening around Tahrir is lame and bull shit!

    the only ppl that creates problems for the businesses around Tahrir and traffic around this area is the thugs hired by the NDPians and mubarak regime and the State Security police. these ppl need to be in jailed! I dont understand why the military police or armed forces keep attacking peace demonstrators and beat them every time they are arrested by right they should arrest and beat the thugs who are attacking the peace demonstrators with knives and Molotov cocktails and trying to create problems amongst Muslims and Christians!

    I hope all Egyptians use their common sense and think carefully who will benefits from all this fights and chaos in Egypt!

    Egypt was ruled by a mafia gang and there are still many of the loyal followers of this mafia gangs who has money and time on them to create more chaos and trying to destroy the revolution! and this mafia gangs cannot live in this new era because they love the old corrupted regime that is how the make their money!

    I pray that every Egyptians be united and stick together no matter what and hope Egypt will be a democratic country with good leader to lead them.

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