Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beware the martial laws

What happened in the past two days pave the way for the army to impose the martial laws ,we must be careful.

Now more and more Egyptians believe that the way to end this lack of security in the country is through martial laws !!

The state security officers will not give in this revolution without a fight , they will not give up their empire easily without a fight and they are ready to bring hell on us and them if we do not stand for them wisely with the army. I do not have doubt the state security officers are messing around the country.

We need to think wisely.


  1. You mean stand against them, not for them. Right?

  2. عمواما فيه حظر تجوال و أحكام عسكرية بتتنفذ دلوقتي، و مش محوق، ففكرة الأحكام العرفية كحل لغياب الأمن مش مقبولة أبدا، خصوصا إن السبب الأكبر ورا غياب الأمن هو تقصير الشرطة وليس نشاط المجرمين الزائد

    أنا فاهمك، واضح إن رقاصين الإعلام ممكن يطبلوا على النغمة ديه الفترة إل جاية، عشان كده شايف إن دورنا في الرد عليهم مش أقل أبدا من دورنا في مواجهة البلطجية و دعاة الفتنة الطائفية على الأرض

  3. Yes, but is there certainty where is the line between military and state-security? There most likely is groups in military that are loyal to some figures in state security apparatus also.

    Sectarian tensions like killings of Christians in their protest might be plot by SS remnants trying to cause chaos.

    Wisely, carefully, indeed.

  4. I keep hearing that thugs & army has been clearing Tharir!

    Youth should demand apology from SCAF if this is the case! As long as the protesters in Tahrir are peaceful it should not matter why they are in Tahrir.

    Tahrir should be made as sacred place where one can peacefully protest as long as one wants.

  5. Friday protest in the Tahrir should focus on unity of Egyptians. Christians, Muslims etc.

    Clearly someone is trying to undermine Sharaf's government with paid thugs and inflicting sectarian tensions. Good thing is that they probably are paid, and paid thugs are not determined in long run.

    Maybe these are few of the "Plots" the Army is facing -- as you mentioned they have.


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