Monday, March 7, 2011

#Jan25 : Departure Friday in Photos

On February 2nd after the first million man protest in Al Tahrir there was unforgettable camel battle the world witnessed and on February 3rd there was an invitation from the revolutionaries to the Egyptian people to come and to participate in another million man protest on Friday February 4th,2011. That million man protest was called “The Departure Friday”. We wanted Mubarak to step down on that day. It was one week after Day of wrath and it came after the camel battle. More Egyptians showed up that the first million man protest last February 1st.From Al Tahrir
Below a slideshow over 100 photos I took , again wait for the videos , I know I am the most laziest blogger when it comes to uploading videos and photo.s
Despite the terrible events of February 2nd aka Camel battle , the NDPians like Ibrahim Kamal did a huge favor to the revolution as they had rekindled its fire again Head injuryafter the emotional speech of Mubarak that fooled many Egyptians.
There were more Egyptians than the previous million man protest , there were public committees protecting the exists and the entrance , there were army units at the entrance and exists , there were volunteers and donations from food and medicine and there were many injured as well.
That day also was the start of the street vendors who found a golden mine in the protests. On that day the flags vendors invaded Saad Zaglol square and Al Gala’a bridge.
Flags street vendors
Egypt's flags sold at Galaa bridge 
The Mubarak pro-supporters were bold enough to convince those who were on their way to Tahrir square to join the protesters.
A Pro Mubarak supporter banner
Mubarak supporter
These are my favorite photos
Egyptian flag
High in the air 
An Interim Constitution
An interim constitution
for immediate elections 
Egyptian protester with a flag
Egypt's flag 
Power and victory to the people
Power of the people
Thanx Tunis 
Alaa Al Aswani at Tahrir
Alaa Al Aswany 
Safwat Hegazy at Tahrir square
Safwat Hegazy 


  1. Freedom Fighter3/07/2011 08:15:00 PM

    Great work, hope future generation see these photos, and can see how history unfolded, and the people changed the face of Egypt


  3. love all the photos. u r such a talented person. Another great post. I wanna wish you Happy International Women's Day and this is for you!!


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