Thursday, March 10, 2011

These men are dangerous on the revolution

The Mubarak regime is not a centralized regime , the fall of Mubarak will not end it. Mubarak was not the head of the serpent which if it is cut , the rest of the serpent will die but it seems that there are many serpents we have cut their heads.
The counter revolution we are currently witnessing is being operated by Mubarak’s loyal men or to be accurate Mubarak’s regime men who are not loyal with one except themselves and everybody knows them by name.
Now the Egyptian Cabinet has admitted officially for the first time there is a counter revolution in its first communiqué we must wonder why the cabinet and the armed forces council are leaving those men doing what they have been doing all that time !?
These men I am accusing of leading the counter revolution “and I believe many other agree with me in accusing them are”:
El Sherif
Convicted for pimping in 1968 , was a minister of information for nearly 2 decades and later used to control the press through the supreme council of press. The former speaker of Shura council also headed the parties committee and fought all parties that could form a real threat to the NDP. If we are going to speak about corruption , El Sherif is being accused for being the first corrupted in Mubarak’s entourage in all those years.
Safwat El Sheif is currently officially off the hook , he is being investigated for financial corruption yet he is not under house arrest nor barred from travel abroad as far as I know. I do not need to speak about his corruption because it will need posts and posts. It is enough to say that he contributed effectively to the revolution when he and other NDPian leaders planned for the camel battle.
FYI Safwat El Sherif’s son Ashraf El Sherif is one of the owners of popular Youm 7 , Ashraf is also accused in several corruption scandals and I believe his assets are being frozen.
Azmi at the parliament
If El Sharif was the first corrupted man in Mubarak’s entourage than Azmi was the second man. Azmi was the chief of staff in the presidential office , he was good cop in the NDP and he perfected that role at the parliament. He is a close friend to corrupted businessmen like Mamdouh Ismail.
He shocked everybody when he claimed on a phone call to on air show on OSN’s Al Youm that he operates the presidential office by the orders of AFC and field marshal Tantawy !! He also praised the revolution and denied travelling to Sharm as Heikal accused him so claiming that he only called Mubarak twice since February 11,2011 !!!!! I thought that the AFC made clear in its statement that all the presidential offices and palaces are closed !!
Was not Azmi heading a BBQ party at the Presidential palaces of Heliopolis and Abdeen burning down important documents from couple of weeks ago !!?
  • Ali El-Din Helal
How can we leave this man free like that ?? How can we leave this man and he destroyed our political life for the last decade !!? This man was among the brains of Gamal Mubarak in NDP !!? The architect of the policies committee for God sake who was raised and graduated at the Nasserite socialist union in 1960s !!
I am so disturbed by the fact that no one has mentioned the name of that man from near or far !!
  • Mohamed Kamal
The faithful protégé of Ali El-Din Halal and another brain for Gamal Mubarak in the NDP’s policies committee.
May be Helal and Kamal are not implicated in corruption scandals like El Sharif and Azmi but I wonder why no one is raising the political crimes they committed against this great nation !!?
  • Fathi Sorror
The former speaker of the parliament , he stayed as the speaker of the parliament more than anyone in the history of modern Egypt , in fact I doubt that he stayed more than anyone in the whole world !!
The Yes man who approved and also tailored the infamous laws that enable Mubarak and his gang to rape the country for decades is accused of sending the thugs of his electoral committee to create sectarian tensions in Moktam and other parts of old Cairo from two days ago. Oh Yes the people identified some of thugs as his there !! Do not be surprised from that , do not forget Al Adly is accused of bombing the two saints Church , these men do not give a damn by anyone except themselves.
  • The rest of the policies committee especially from businessmen who own money and got too many interesting in sabotaging the revolution or to be accurate destroying the revolution. There are certain names in my minds already like Ibrahim Kamal , Taher Halmi and Shafik Gabr.
The revolution is in danger as long as these men are free , they must be arrested or be under house arrest.
You must know that the small ranked SS officers arrested at 6th of October HQ admitted that they burned SS reports and documents about Safwat El Sherif, Zakaria Azami and Gamal Abdel Aziz.
The NDP must be disbanded and all its members must be banned from practicing politics for 4 years. “The first presidential term after the revolution” 
The party members already reportedly have secret meetings outside Cairo according to what I have heard. They are not planning for some good , they never plan for some good to this country. The SS is not dangerous on this country alone but also the NDP. Let’s do what our Tunisian friends have done and disband our own ugly version RCD.


  1. This is a nice video that fits your post Zeinab. Enjoy :)

  2. Some news sources are claiming that Safwat el Sherif is responsible for So3ad Hosni death.

    Any verification from the investigation in England?

  3. Confiscating and freezing their liquid and solid assets is the most effective way to neutralize their power.
    Their power lies in their monetary funds.
    This method is considered most effective when handling organized crime.
    The Canadian.


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