Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Watch The Bassem Youssef Show

Please subscribe to this channel on YouTube : The Bassem Youssef Show. The Bassem Youssef Show is like our own version of Jon Stewarts’ The Daily show. Watch this episode about Amr Mostafa.
The Bassem Youssef Show : With Amr Mostafa
Self proclaimed international star singer and composer Amr Mostafa called the Egyptian people to arrest foreigners during the revolution !! Amr Mustafa was spreading hate and fear. This man must be prosecuted for this. Youm 7 claimed that Amr Mostafa was going to run for presidency but he denied it today in his pathetic FB page.
The host is Bassem Youssef who started this show online to criticize the Egyptian media’s coverage of the revolution. This man should be booked for a show on either the new Tahrir TV channel or on ON TV , oh yes I am so selective. Already he is much better than many of the TV hosts in Egyptian channels and I do not need to say the names of those TV hosts.
Bassem Youssef is originally a doctor and I am kind of biased here because his wife is an old friend from University whom I was so so so so happy to see once again at Al Tahrir square on February 4th aka Departure Friday ,it was the best union ever.


  1. no wonder! hilarious

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  2. ? Bassem isn't a dentist, he's a cardiologist and heart surgeon and a very good one

  3. Who the hell is that Amr Mostafa to run for presidency?? Moreover, who is that idiot who would believe that?
    I think it's all a joke.. the kind of bitter jokes we used to tell about somebody to start mockery of him.

  4. check out this - Egypt Finds Its Own 'Jon Stewart' by npr - total 7:48 report.



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