Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It is not the revolution of Tahrir only

I do not like the fact that some media outlets have limited our revolution in Tahrir square as if #Jan25 revolution were not the revolution of Egypt , as if Suez , Ismailia and North Sinai did not fight the Mubarak troops for complete 3 days , as if Alexandria did not revolt and Damanhur did not bring down its State security in this revolution !!? 

The revolution and the revolutionaries were not only in Al Tahrir and Cairo , the revolution was all over , the revolution and revolutionaries were not only the middle class of Youth of Cairo for God sake !!? All Egypt was in the street , from all ages , from all background , from all classes !!? It is natural that the Youth will be the biggest sector in the revolution but they were not alone and they were not only the middle class youth. 

The orphans of Mubarak’s regime have began to have this term “The youth of Tahrir” as the revolution was only there . Mubarak would not have left the rule if it were only in Tahrir square !! Mubarak had left after knowing that all Egypt can’t tolerate him anymore.

This is another attempt from the counter revolution to limit the revolution in order minimize its impact by time and says that it was just a movement like What former PM Shafik claimed on air before speaking about our revolution !!

Again make a search online on YouTube and see the revolution since the protests  of January 25th till February 11th across the country and you will see that it was not in Cairo only , it was so big and huge.

Let’s not exclude the rest of Egypt from our perspective , the revolution made it when we thought out of the box , when we thought out of Cairo. 


  1. Right on Z. this is true, the Revolution in Egypt is all over Egypt. I remembered following closely reports from AlJazeera showing the most fierce defense against the thugs and police were in Suez then followed by Alexandria, Mahalla, Tahrir and so many other Governorates in Egypt and so many martyrs reported from these areas. so for the media in Egypt focusing only in Tahrir this is not fair and bullshit! We must not forget others who lost their eyes, legs, hands, paralyzed and most of all their loved ones in this fight for freedom and dont let the media or the counter revolution destroy the truth and fact about this revolution. We will remember and will not forget them all forever!

  2. when you hear about Tamer Amin and Khairy Ramadan annual salaries are 4&3 millions in order..what about them bosses ?? these people are fighting for money not caring about democracy or whatever else we are asking about!!. once you know the way to stop these mosquitoes from sucking our blood we will see a different treatment to our revolution in the media

  3. فعلا كان عندنا في المحلة 100 الف واحد ..... لو كانت المظاهرات في القاهرة فقط كانت الداخلية هتستدعي الامن من كل المحافظات و كانوا هيقضوا علي المظاهرات .... لكن لما كان فيه مظاهرات في كل حتة معرفوش يتصرفوا
    ولو تفتكروا اضراب المحلة 6ابريل قدروا يسيطروا عليه تاني يوم لما جابوا أمن من اسكندرية

  4. You are so right, Zeinobia. The power of the Egyptian revolution is that all of Egypt joined together to make it succeed. It was so inspiring to watch Al Jazeera's reports from Suez and Mahalla and Alexandria and Luxor, and exhilarating to hear about uprisings even in Marsa Matrouh and Aswan and Sinai and everywhere else in between!!! Incredible.

    And let's not forget the workers, who rose up and went on strike, pushing the revolution right past the tipping point.

    Finally: why do some people insist on referring to the "youth revolution"? Sure, the youth played a central role, but as the Angry Arab once asked, were other revolutions carried out by the middle-aged and elderly?

  5. А вы задумайтесь,почему так говорят?Тахрир-не весь Египет?Да потому что,многие потеряли работу,потеряли близких,хотя они в митингах не участвовали.И сейчас многие понимают,чего стоила ваша революция.Хотя революция ли ето?Был лидер?Был план действий?Нет это больше было похоже на толпу,которую привели в определенное место.А толпой управлять легко,психолоия это.Один кинул камень,за ним все повторили.И в таком хаосе жить еще 6 месяцев?А где гарантия ,что потом вы все не передеретесь между собой?У вас уже нет единства,нет определенной цели,нет программы.Подумайте какой ценой для Египта обошлась ваша революция,я думаю многие уже думают,но пока боятся себе признаться в этом.....что мы натворили....Грабят виллы,квартиры....вы скажете опять,что это провокация?Что это люди Мубарока?Нет!Это работник соседней лондари,продавец из соседнего магазина....Люди которых мы знаем и видим каждый день.Поймают мародера,посадят в камеру,а вы разгромите полицейский участок,освободив"мученника" революции.Скоро пятница,какая программа у вас назначена?Какой марш теперь устроите?


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