Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Breaking news : SS To the hell !!

The Egyptian TV has just announced the following:
The minister of interior has issued his decree to dissolve the state security apparatus , its sectors , its departments and its offices across the Arab republic of Egypt.
The minister of interior Mansour Eissawy has also issue a decree to found the “ National security” sector with the following missions :
  • Protecting the National security
  • Counter espionage 
  • Fighting terrorism
SS leaked document
In other words the National security sector will replace the state security apparatus , we fear that this is only a change in names still I have a hope that will not be only a change in names but rather a change in the major job description and policies. We can't forget that memo that was found at the Nasr City SS HQ from two weeks ago speaking about a plan to absorb the public anger by changing the apparatus' name. What is even more disturbing is that the name of "National Security" is among the suggested name.
Here is the statement from the ministry of interior official website.  There are very interesting details in the statement we should pay attention. The statement is clear the newly founded "National security" sector will act upon the Constitution , the law and human rights. The statement also said that the ministry was searching will rescan and recruit new officers in the coming the days so the sector will start doing its job without any interfere in the people's lives or their political rights !!
A scan for the statement in Arabic
The MOI official website 
Of course we will not feel safe now except when there is not a judiciary supervision on the apparatus to ensure that it will not turn against us.
Again we hope that this will exceed a change in name. Congratulations to all Egyptians.
Hassan Abdel Rahman , the former chief of SS has admitted that he gave his orders to the officers to get rid from the important documents across the country . Several officers in Alexandria, October , Cairo and Bani Sawif have admitted that they were received orders to destroy the documents
There was a SS document found at the SS HQ in Luxor , a clear order to the officers there to destroy the archives and files.
Clear orders from Hassan Abdel Rahman
Please pay attention to the SS officers who are asking jobs abroad , we did not want to dissolve the SS to have our local Blackwaters !!
The new sector will start operating after one month.
The minister made it clear that the new sector will not include any officer involved in any human right violation.
According to the information revealed the new sector will have 3 branches only : in Giza , in Cairo and in Alexandria.


  1. Zeinobia, any update on the martyr Ziad Bakir's case - his father was going to issue a statement today? This is an important case regarding SS crimes, where the people have serious evidence to prosecute. Hope this case still moves ahead by the prosecutor general.

  2. there will be change in policy and job description isa....... I am optimistic ..... be optimistic

  3. good news... we also need to know about the "accountability" of this new office...

  4. And who will report to this office? revolutionary?


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