Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And here is Mubarak’s building in Paris "Updated"

Updated: It turns out that this building has been owned by the Misr insurance company from the 1940s and now it is owned and operated by Misr real estate management. 
By the way, I think Misr real estate management should operate the Mubarak real estate's wealth across the world, we can have our Misr holding like Dubai holding and sisters. 

I know that the Mubaraks owned some property in Paris, a whole building in Paris but I could not find its address despite I searched for it online anyhow thanks for our friends the Parisian squatters who occupied the building, we know now where the Mubaraks stayed in Paris.

Ousted/former president Mubarak and his family allegedly owned that building 1 Place Rio De Janeiro in front of the Algerian embassy and the French Defense Council and syndication of pharmacists.

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I do not know if this is his building truly or not , these photos from Google maps street view show open windows plus you got two shops one of them is a cafe !! Does Mubarak get the rent from these two shops or as usual his sons are business partners !!?

This is a beautiful building indeed , no wonder Hosni Mubarak’s most visited country or rather capital in those 30 years was Paris.

Now before we discover this alleged beautiful Parisian building, Egyptians had nothing to talk about except the alleged Mubaraks cemetery. The Mubaraks have got allegedly a huge luxurious cemetery that is worth LE 15 million !!

 Air conditions, three salons including one allegedly from the Mohamed Ali royal family’s salons “do not ask why nobody is investigating that” while the other two are imported from the States, international phone line so the president and his family can call abroad from the other world !!

They are keeping the ancient Egyptian tradition live I suppose. These video clips filmed during its construction have become viral already and I would say people would not have believed the above claims without them.

Sheikh Hafiz Salama revealed that Hosni Mubarak wanted to be buried at the famous Nour Mosque and this is why the ministry of Awqaf refused to return back to the mosque to his association.

With all due respect I do not know if this is true or not but if you look to it, if Mubarak is buried there, the Salafists will leave the mosque. Already they reportedly protested this.

I do not know why I feel tempted to post this photo for the tomb of Nasser El-Kharafi in Kuwait May Allah bless his soul !!

El-Kharafi was from the official richest men in the Arab world and I will dare and say he loved Egypt more than the Mubaraks.
The public money investigations apparatus has sent its report about the Mubarak fortunes in Egypt only to the illicit gains apparatus and there were very interesting details :
  • The Mubaraks made their fortune from illegal ways, Gamal and Alaa used their father’s position and blackmailed businessmen and agents.
  • Alaa Mubarak is the richest then Gamal Mubarak then Suzanne Mubarak then Hosni Mubarak. It is logical considering the fact that Alaa Mubarak was in the business arena before his brother. He was diversified in his portfolio than his dad and mom
  • The Mubaraks owns palaces, villas, chalets and luxurious apartments in Sharm El- Sheikh, New Cairo, Cairo, Riyadh, Alexandria, Cairo Ismailiya highway. 
  • Alaa Mubarak has 10 bank accounts, Gamal Mubarak has got 8 bank accounts and Suzanne Mubarak has got 6 bank accounts aside from the bank account of Bibliotheca Alexandrina “ $145 Million”.
  • The secret bank accounts have got  LE 200 million and $147 million !!!
  • The family owns LE 250 million in secret accounts in NBE, Misr El-Gadida branch, of course, one must wonder why Tarek Amar did not report on these secret accounts immediately.
This is only in Egypt, we have not started yet in investigating the assets they have got abroad. I do not understand these people, I do not want to understand them, it is greed in its worst manifestations !!!

By the way, the former minister of information Anas El-Fiky admitted that he owned a secret bank account in Switzerland and that he deposited $ 2 million in this account recently. He is the first former regime official to admit that he owns a bank account abroad.

Back to the Mubaraks, the former president as it is written in his medical record in the hospital in the occupation is said to be suffering from clinical depression and also gout. “He needs to revise his diet” .

Al Masry Al Youm did it again and published the photos of Mubarak’s suit at the international medical center after his villa in Sharm El-Sheikh. I do not know when he will be transferred there, every day we think it is the day but we find him still staying in Sharm El-Sheikh.

 I do not know how come nobody took a photo for him or his wife there !!?

Omar Soliman has defended his former boss, the former spy chief defended Mubarak and said that he did not give orders to the security forces to use live ammunition against protests. FYI Mubarak as a president was the chief of the supreme council of police.

By the way from a couple of years ago an anonymous commentator telling us that Gamal Mubarak used to have a British girlfriend he loved so much and that he was forced to leave her because of the presidency’s dreams.

It seems that there is no smoke without fire because some tabloid in Egypt says Omar Soliman traveled to the UK to convince him to leave her. Anyhow, I want to tell that British lady if she exists that she is really lucky to be dumped in a way she can’t imagine it.

Speaking about rumors from the UK regarding the Mubaraks, well it seems that our former president and his family have got a huge mansion, not the one in London, no other one and it is worth 100s of millions. I am not still sure that Lord Mubarak’s thing.


  1. When you say: "I will dare and say he loved Egypt more than the Mubaraks."

    C'mon :) Seriously?

    Is there anybody on this planet who loved Egypt LESS than the Mubarak's? I doubt it. They raped the land, destroyed the culture, practically shattered the entire population, and sold every inch of Egypt that they could, and our external policy was nothing but shameful in all respects!

    So the notion that the Mubaraks had ANY love for Egypt is just crazy!

  2. no matter how expensive the cemetery when mubarak dies he will go inside with white cloth over his body and the Munkar and Nakir will come and punish him for all the crime he has committed while he is living in this world and nobody can protect him from Allah swt punishment!

    If this report is true... it is saddened to see mubarak still did not tauba from his sins and instead build this million cemetery that will not save him from Hell!

  3. are you sure that this is el-kharafi's tomb

  4. Just like Nasser, Mubarak should buried along Cairo's sewage lines.

  5. Excellent information source. Egypt is on the threshold of a new, hopeful era. As an Iranian whose tyrant is still holding the country in his bloody grip, we hope you can look outward as well as inward. People are the greatest resource when they are allowed to use their energies and Egypt is rich in this resource as is Iran. The time will come when both countries
    achieve their true potential. All people are the same, all tyrants and dictators are the same.

  6. I am soo gratefull for finding your blog awhile ago I am an american living in Cairo with my husband and am currently back in the USA and am gratefull because through you I am able to keep up with whats going on at home.
    I was there for the revolution and remember the day always when the man in Tunis set himself on fire and making the remark that this wouldn't happen in Egypt I can't say in words how PROUD of all of you I am!
    and how I have hope now for the future of my adopted country! as far as Mubarak I thought about this and no matter who you are when you die you HAVE TO ANSWER TO GOD! for all your actions so in the end he will pay for all his wrong doing and this makes me quite happy..
    I see how to even they are meeting to make laws for the animals I hope that too many animals have suffered there, why don't you ever do an article about that? well thank you and I really enjoy your blog!


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