Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Good news of the Day : No more NDP in Egypt

This is a good news of the day : The administrative court has issued a historical rule on April 16, 2011 :
The former National democratic party “New National party” to be dissolved and its HQs and assets to transferred to the state !!
It is simply the best.
I once read a comment in twitter following the provoking press conference held by the party after changing its name and Smokes still there appointing a new chairman that President Sadat was the man who founded the New Democratic National party and Talaat Sadat was the man who will bring down the New National party.
This long waited verdict is the best slap on the arrogance of the NDP members “former members to be accurate” who do not want to give up and admit the crimes they have committed against this great nation.

Talaat Sadat stood last Thursday with all the confidence in the world saying boldly :
    We will have the majority in the parliament , we will have the majority in the municipals , we will have the majority because we are the majority party !!?
I do not know if Talaat Sadat was suffering from short memory loss or even long memory loss but since when the NDP was the majority party !! Here is part of that circus which they called a press conference last week.

Talaat Sadat used to have a lot of popularity and respect in the Egyptian street before accepting that position but he lost a lot more than he thinks and knows with that move. The NDPians who refused to jump from the sunken ship admitted that they chose him because they wanted someone from the opposition in the party to change this perception about their party. The problem is not a perception but it is a reality.
Now Talaat Sadat is in a denial status attack the court rule and began to have wild theories. His first public statement to ON TV we find him accusing directly Turkish president Abdullah Gul of  being behind this court rule !! Sadat believes that Gul wanted the disseminating of the party by an American blessing , it was all planned so the Muslim brotherhood would rule in the end. “He repeated the accusation on Al Jazeera Mubshar , adding that it was a pure political rule. He also added that we are walking through a catalogue just like Tunisia , ironically I do not recall Gul visiting Tunisia !!? ”
Talaat Sadat wants to clash the army for real this time and unfortunately he is completely wrong , nobody will stand with him except those losers and hypocrites like Nabil Luka this time even those who criticize the performance of the army council.
Now from legal point of view there could be a little controversy because according to the current parties law , the dismastment of parties is in the hand of parties committee which can create a legal gap , still the key in our case here is the fact that NDP had state’s assets. I do not think there will be no an appeal in the administrative high court.
The Turkish president visited Egypt last month and I do not remember he spoke about the NDP from near or far.
Now to the things that matter , I believe we should remove this lesson about the NDP in the third preparatory grade from Social studies course. The NDP website is down while its Youtube channel is still there.
A little historical fact the NDP or the national democratic party or the new national party has nothing to do with the original national party of Mustafa Pasha Kamel from near and far. Just like Sadat used the name of Mustafa Pasha Kamel to beautify the ugly face of the socialist union , also his nephew is using his name as former President of Egypt and also the old name of Mustafa Pasha Kamel’s party for God knows what.
Many people want to raise the bar and ban the NDP party’s members from the next elections or even the political life for the next 5 years. Naguib Sawiris has wondered about this through his twitter account. Egyptians are extremely happy with that historical verdict.
The NDP is over , the original one party to rule them all is officially over.
A little advice to MR. Talaat and the NDP orphans , you got a new parties law , have a new party and see who will support . This will be the real challenge.


  1. Salam Alicom,

    This is a wonderful news, hopefully this decision will inspire whoever think to create
    a party to take the previous NDP as a good example the time they will set the new rules for Good luck every one there.....

  2. Great news today!!
    The NDP dead and finally buried!


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