Monday, April 18, 2011

Regarding Zahi Hawass’ sentence

Zahi Hawass , our Indiana Jones and current minister of antiquities was sentenced yesterday a year in jail for refusing to implement a court rule. He is the first minister in cabinet to face this in our modern history as far as I recall !!

It is simply a feud between the ministry or the supreme council of antiquities and a citizen over piece of land , the ministry should have compensated the citizen according to previous court rule but the ministry ignored it. Now Hawass is not only sentenced a year in jail but also is fined LE 10,000.

Zahi Hawass and his team quickly addressed the matter in his blog.They will appeal the court rule of course. This case is not against Zahi Hawass himself but rather against the minister.

Either ways activists were going to report the Zahi Hawass’ menswear photo shoot scandal to the public prosecutor’s office. Most people are praising the court rule as another victory for accountability , no minister now is above criticism or accountability or law.

Zahi Hawass has entered our Political history for real this time !!


  1. Zahi is a sleazy character and will maneuver his way out when he is faced by one case after another. The charges against him should be compiled in a knock-out punch. Then one or more charges will stick to send him one-way behind the sun.

  2. Good; Zahi will spend his time in jail fruitfully by deciphering the inscriptions on the walls of his cell!

  3. oh great, more evidence that in the future egypt no minister can do his job without being harassed by clowns

    zahi hawass is a good man and u know it in ur heart

  4. "zahi hawass is a good man and u know it in ur heart"

    Actually we don't.

  5. I wonder if the folks in this blog are Egyptian?


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