Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Syrian Revolution : In the heart of Cairo

Today Cairo reminded the World how once upon time Syrian and Egypt were one country . Today there were two protests in front of the Syrian embassy in Giza , one was held by the Syrian students and members of the Syrian community in Egypt at 11.30 AM while the other one was held by the 6 April youth.
I attended the first protest held by the Syrian students , I stayed for about an hour and half. I knew that the protest later moved to the league of Arab states to protest the Arab silence. There were about 3 CSF vehicles at Cinema El Tahrir at the beginning of the street along with one military police vehicle. Facing the embassy
Now the embassy from its side did not comment or talk with the protesters when I was there but before I arrived I think” there was some clash as the protesters tried to get in to the embassy and the employees stopped them. There was a shattered glass from that bulletin at the embassy’s gate , ironically the protesters cleaned this area and put anti Bashar El-Assad banners in the bulletin.

Trying to fire back at the anti-regime chants that rocked the quiet street of Abdel Rahim Sabry, the Syrian embassy’s official brought loud speakers in the garden and played ugly Pro Bashar El-Assad songs too damn loud to the level that you can hear them two blocks away !!Louder than empty songs
The neighbors should have reported them , already I think that they did because I saw police officers speaking to the officials through the gate and then the songs were stopped. After I left , I read that the protesters cut the electricity from the building , already I do not know how.

This lady whom I believe from the famous Nakash leftist family attacked the embassy for playing songs when people were protesting for their families.
There were about 100 protesters there mostly from Syrian students , there were also Syrian families from those who live in Cairo. All ages were The old man from Hamathere but mostly young men who were and are very angry from what is happening in their home land.
I met a very old man from Hama who left Syria since 1981 and has been living in Egypt for about 2 years. He told me that it will take some time to get rid from the El Baath gang. He also told me that El Assad “the lions” are the worst kind of animals and he called Bashar El Assad the dog , the son of dog and the grandson of dog.
I also took the photo of that little boy who was sleeping and woke up by the angry chants , he did not like it actually. I took a photo for beautiful two Syrian little girls who came with their family , they were happy and proud.
There were beautiful anti-regime chants , poetry and songs as well. It was mini Tahrir style protest , these young Syrians can’t go back to old Baath Syria after living in Egypt during and after the revolution. This is what I felt and what I saw.
Now this beautiful song by that young man in brown T-shirt is dedicated to Nawara Negm because I heard its original version before January 25th in her blog and despite my anger and disgust at Doriad Lahm yet I love “I will write your name my country on the sun that never sets” .This young man has got a wonderful voice Mashallah. 

The old Syrian flag was hanged on the El Wafd Party HQ fence , already this was the flag of Syria from year 1932 to 1958 then from 1961 to 1963. I do not know if the Syrians want to change their flag or not but this is the first time I see it like that Of course almost all the flags in the protests were for the current official Syrian flag.
The old flag with the new revolutionary slogans
The Palestinian flag was there and this is very powerful message to the Palestinians that the Syrians will abandon them or their cause like What El Assads and Baath regime have claimed.
There was banner in Kurdish and chants like “Arabs and Kurds one hand” , there were also chants calling the Syrian army to stand with the people now. There were chants saluting Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Yemen.
The young man from Hauran and the Kurdish sign
Now I have to be fair and say that I was amazed by the treatment of the Egyptian police !! Even the Syrian protesters saluted and thanked them. The Egyptian police officers seemed to like the compliment , it is the first sincere I suppose from quite some time !!
You must know that the last time the Syrians went to protest against El Assad in front of their embassy , the embassy unleashed the El Assad’s supporters who attacked even Egyptians , in fact the embassy officials kidnapped an Egyptian blogger by mistake before realizing he is an Egyptian !! It was quite embarrassment to the Egyptian police that is trying to win the public’s respect again.
At the end while I was living I found a Syrian student waving a Syrian flag at Tahrir street and people were asking him what was going on. Nobody annoyed him from the police nor from the Egyptians , I loved that scene.
The 6th April youth organized not only protests in solidarity with Syria in Cairo but also in other governorates like Ismailia according to Dostor News.
By the way a little tip : The Syrian ambassador in Cairo Youssef El-Ahmed is married to Bashar El Assad’s cousin , oh yes he is ;)
P.S and I met Hossam 3arabawy and Maggie Osama at the protest as well. It was really beautiful protest for a great reason. It is the least thing we can do for our Syrian people , they are our people and I believe this is just the start.
Now from Cairo to beloved Daraa , there is a strong rumor that Maher El Assad and Rostom El Ghazali were both captured by that defected 5th battalion at the Stadium of the city. It reminds with the fall of Benghazi.


  1. Stories like this makes me believe even more that Egypt is the tipping factor in the success of Arab spring. If Egyptians feel they can express themselves this way, then it will definitely spread sooner or later to other Arab countries no matter how despotic their leaders are.

    Out of interest were there anything similar shows of solidarity & peaceful protests in Egypt at Mubarak era?

  2. Good stuff.Thanks for keeping us informed.Assad
    missed a great opportunity to behave differently but the choice was his alone. Now he must live with it. He can't bame Zionists for making him kill his own people. His father used that excuse.

  3. What about Dorid Laham? Did he give any statements in support of Assad? please explain


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