Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hello,this is Saddam Hussein speaking !!

This is from the viral videos of the day in the Arab world today : Saddam Hussein’s phone call to his old friend Hassan Allawy. This video allegedly for a phone call that recorded recently where allegedly Hussein claims that he is ALIVE !!!? He is alive and the Baath will return back to kick the ass of everybody technically in Iraq !!?

Allegedly according to this phone call the man who was hanged in 2006 was his double “Mikhail” !!!
I believe that this is just fake phone call , I do not believe it for one second. I do not care for the conspiracy theories those Baath loyalists are living on that Saddam is alive somewhere just like Elvis !!!!
Saddam Hussein was executed in 2006 , why to wait all those years to announce to the whole world that he is alive !!!? Why now !!? Why now when Iraqi youth began to be influenced by the Arab revolution spring and we all saw their attempts to have a sit in at their own Tahrir square. The Iraqi youth are fed up with the occupation ,are fed up by the division whether sectarian or ethnic and want to restore back the united independent Iraq.
It is interesting that suddenly the bogy man who actually brought down Iraq with his wrong policies got some releases a recording claiming that he is alive when he is officially dead !!
This is just a prank , I believe some silly prank.


  1. the truth lives even if we die4/28/2011 12:45:00 AM

    saddam hussein was a dictator but he was the best ruler in the middle east, the best of a bad bunch. thats why they went to such a huge effort to kill him. it is sad that u believe the lies against him.

    This is definitely fake because saddam hussein when captured was tested and the americans had his medical and dental records. also saddam hussein had wrote a quran using his own blood, the americans took a sample of that blood and matched the dna.

  2. @the truth lives even if we die

    "it is sad that u believe the lies against him" What lies?

    "saddam hussein had wrote a quran using his own blood" Haha I was skeptical, but you are right.

  3. You should get every Arab ruler to date, who is or was once head of his state and make him account for every day he ruled the state then create a balance sheet showing how much damage he inflicted on the state and how much suffering he caused and especially how much he contributed to keeping the Arabs as a backward society which is exactly what it is now. However you cannot do that can you? These leaders are protected by the Army and the security forces, so frankly, the Arabs are doomed unless they can get the army to their side, can you imagine that in Syria?

  4. This is the mother of all spoofs.

  5. I met Saddam's former head of communications while living in Toronto.

    He totally assured me the REAL Saddam was killed.

    I truly trust HIM on the issue. Yes, he had multiple doubles, but this was the true Saddam who is D-E-A-D.

    Question is: who is getting a payoff by putting out his hoax? Whom?

  6. Who gives a damn whether or not Saddam is dead or alive, Saddam is nothing, if he is dead then so be it, if he is alive then he should stay in his hideout if he wants to live. He is history, and one day Gaddaffi will also become history. The Arabs should care about the future not the past, and make one message clear to all would be leaders, they as people will not tolerate any autocracy either by the rulers, the elite, the army or the security forces.How to do this? well by not being afraid of the Army as the Syrians currently are and the Libyans and the people of Yemen are not.

  7. "frankly, the Arabs are doomed unless they can get the army to their side, can you imagine that in Syria?"


  8. "frankly, the Arabs are doomed unless they can get the army to their side, can you imagine that in Syria?"

    it's already happening.....


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