Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Demands of #May27 Million Man Protest

Here are the demands of the #May 27 million man protest insh Allah at Tahrir next Friday. I found this flyer in Tahrir square.
#May27 Demands ListThe demands in this flyer are classified in to economic demands , political demands and freedoms demands.
First :The economic demands :
  • Minimum and maximum limit of wages
  • Redistributing wealth to save the country from economic crisis.
  • Controlling prices.
  • Impose progressive taxes
  • Prosecuting corrupted businessmen and confiscating the assets they got illegally
Second : The political demands :
  • The return of police force extensively
  • Prosecuting Mubarak on the charge of treason based on the confession of field marshal Tantawy that Mubarak gave his orders to the army to kill the protesters.
  • Legal and human rights supervision on the newly found national security apparatus and to prosecute all the officers involved in murdering the protests and their torture.
  • Disbanding the municipals.
  • Disbanding the security central force or merger it in the army.
  • Enforcing the voting rights of Egyptians abroad in elections.
  • Dismissing Yahia El Gamal from his positions and prosecuting Omar Soliman.
Third : The freedom demands :
  • No military trials for civilians.
  • Re-prosecuting those convicted in front of military courts after reverting them to civilian courts.
  • To ban the dispersing of strikes with force.
  • Cleaning up the media , we want a media that represents the people not the ruler
I found many people do not agree with the economic demands , they feel that they are bit Nasserite and socialist especially the redistribution of wealth.This point made people fear from nationalization. I believe the economic demands were put in the first part of the flyer in order to attract the working class. Other than that the demands are reasonable.
I found out that it was written by activist Lillian Wagdy’s father.
These demands are actually very close to the demands issued by 6th April youth. The famous group published a list for the demands on the 6th April Youth Flyer For May 26thFacebook and the demands of 6th April are :
  • Justice : Fast , just and public trials for Mubarak and his regime icons. A new committee to be formed for political corruption charges. “We do not have a law for political corruption.”
  • Cleaning up : Cleaning up the ministries especially the ministry of interior , the media ,governorates, the universities and the embassies from Mubarak’s remnants.Dissolving the current municipals.
  • The rights of the revolution’s martyrs and injured : Their right to be treated on the state’s expense and the families of the martyrs.
  • Freedom : Lifting up the emergency laws as long as it is not being used against the Mubarak regime’s remnants and the thugs.
  • Liberating the official mainstream : From the remnants of the Mubarak regime and from those hypocrites to the SCAF , who cut the on air programs because guests criticize the rulers of the country.
  • Securing the nation and its youth : No more double standards in dealing with protests violently or sending youth to military courts while leaving and ignoring criminals and thugs in the street.
  • Bread , freedom , dignity and humanity : Protests should not be banned despite we know that the government is facing huge economic challenges. We want clear strategies and plan for the coming period.
  • The people and the army are one hand : It is not  a protest against the army but we have the right to criticize the SCAF
Wael Ghonim is using Google moderator to know what we want from #May27 million man protest and most answers came in favor of two demands : Prosecuting the former regime icons and the return of security.
Here are the demands I found reasonable to go to Tahrir on May 27th. Of course up till now the reactions online are encouraging but offline , well we need to remind the people that the revolution is not over and we are not looking for another revolution but we are looking for the demands of the first revolution that have not been fulfilled.
Now some want it another Day of wrath , Day of revolution or rather second revolution and honestly I do not know what kind of second revolution when the first revolution has not finished yet !?  We have still demands that are not fulfilled yet from the first revolution. The first revolution is not over. Any talk about second revolution with my all respect is some sort of political crap with my due respect !!
Mohamed Diab wrote about why #May27 should be a million man protest and not a revolution. Many will attack Diab especially he was from the youth that met with some of the SCAF members.


  1. Zeinobia, there other lists that you might want to check out:
    I am going to Tahrir on the May27, but I am really praying that a consensus will be formed around a single key demand that we could all rally behind. My bias is to demand freedom for incarcerated protesters and putting all those responsible for killing protesters on trial. That includes Mubarak, his family and his coterie. i.e. Justice.

  2. All to clear all break, and then what? Made the revolution, rezultrat not like! Make another! So it is possible to infinity, instead of what would work, to go every Friday and trebovat.Otlichno neighbor has more than, I mean he'll take away something I want! "Martyr, Martyr, who called them on Tahrir? Who forced to throw stones? themselves go, so no they do not have to! Excellent'll give the economy into the hands of the revolutionaries with brain inflammation, destroying everything to the ground! A revolutionaries would go to businesses and check from their capital? "There is no longer investment! your meager brain is not enough for such projects mashtabnyh .... What can you, it's every week, sit in front of a computer and think that life keeps us from today? moron!

  3. I think all the demands are very reasonable and in fact the minimum that we should have achieved with the revolution, especially that it was a GRASSROOTS, POPULAR revolution, not a revolution of the middle and upper classes.

    Without these economic demands, then it truly does become a "Twitter" and "Facebook" pseudo-revolution, like those stupid Western imperialist-sponsored color "revolutions" that served only predatory outsiders and privileged locals at the expense of the majority.

    At least 70% of the Egyptian population is struggling to survive under inhumane conditions, and it is their revolution too, or should be.

    They are not asking for the moon, on the contrary: if we consider Egyptians to be human, worthy of human rights and human dignity, these are very fair and modest demands.

    In some ways, the upper-middle and business classes in Egypt are no different from the Salafists and Muslim Brothers who are trying to hijack the revolution, who insist that THEIR demands are urgent, but those of the truly suffering majority can wait (indefinitely).

    For example, it makes no sense for an editor of a state newspaper to earn millions every month from a newspaper that is billions of pounds in debt, while the journalists are paid LE 300 and LE 500. If the revolution can't or won't address such outrageous parasitism, which is endemic especially in the public sector, then it's a farce.

    Also, the economic demands will do a lot more to stimulate the economy in a healthy way than getting even more loans from the blood-sucking World Bank and IMF. Egypt has plenty of wealth, the problem is that it is concentrated in the hands of a very corrupt and extremely unproductive elite, who have used very immoral and often criminal means to obtain it.

    If this is to be a true revolution OF the people, BY the people, then the upper and upper-middle classes shouldn't allow the comforts of their privileged lives to blind them to the desperate need of their fellow Egyptians for economic justice AS WELL AS political justice.

    In revolutionary Egypt, just as being Muslim shouldn't blind one to injustice against Christians, and being male shouldn't blind one to injustice against women, being comfortably well off shouldn't blind us to the appalling injustice against the majority who are economically oppressed in this country.

  4. well said Alice

  5. Congratulations to the brave Egyptian people. Here is my American video tribute to you all. http://youtu.be/PPGu0IskH8Y

  6. Thanks for the video, Bay Sweetwater. Now, more than ever, we need to be reminded that this revolution was and is being fought for freedom and dignity for Egyptians, for a government that is transparent and accountable to the people, and economic justice.

    None of these have been achieved yet, and instead of working towards them, our "revolutionary" government is doing everything possible to terrorize us into not even wanting them.

    Freedom is kokh: do you want fanatics and baltageya to be free to kill you and burn down your holy places and take over your country?

    Dignity is kokh: if you don't hug and kiss and "honor" the police torturer/rapist/killer Basha, don't expect any police protection at all.

    And the army?


    So much for dignity.

    Transparency and accountability for the Armed Forces Council? With the imperial decrees that they keep pulling out of their...um, hat, their "sacred" status that puts them (and their finances) above question and makes them answerable to no one (at least no Egyptian citizen), and their all-too-familiar practise of letting criminals run wild but torturing and kidnapping and even killing peaceful protesters, Mubarak by any other name still smells the same.

    As for economic justice, forget about it: the economy is ruined!! Famine is looming!! The WHEEL OF PRODUCTION has stopped turning!! You're scaring away the businessmen with all your nonsense about stamping out corruption and cronyism and making them pay their fair share of taxes and a minimum wage just high enough to keep you from starving to death. Get back to work, you sons of whores, on your knees, keep your head down, do what you're told! Only the Americans and the Saudis and the World Bank and the IMF can save us from this mess you made!!

    On May 27, 2011, the Egyptian people will fight back with the only weapon they have: their bodies, their voices and their numbers.

    The demands are still the same as they were before January 25th: freedom and dignity for Egyptians, transparency and accountability for the government, and economic justice.

    Show the world that we mean it. Be there and be counted among the free Egyptians who are Egypt's only hope.

  7. Be patient, it shall take time for real change. Give the military government a break so they can work to meet the demands

  8. What about the curfew?


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