Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And here is Ahmed Shoman who is being locked and tortured in the SCAF Dungeons !?

For weeks now there have been silly rumors that captain Ahmed Shoman was being imprisoned and tortured despite Nawara Negm and Doaa Sultan denied it over and over. Negm and Sultan are friends of his wife and met him twice after his pardon. The rumors came at the same time of the April 8th and April 9th , to be specific from Officers for revolution Facebook and Dabetgeesh twitter account.

Now to put an end from this rumor in this critical time and despite all rules of the army , Shoman spoke in video to his follow Egyptians.

Ahmed Shoman speaks in video by Nawara Negm

Shoman is asking us to unify once again and to take care from those who planning against the revolution. He also is insisting that the unity of the Egyptian army is a red line and that we should stand by the army. He made a very interesting remark that we can forgive anyone as long as we do not return back to the pre-January 25 days. I believe he meant the SCAF and how we should give them a chance. Of course I may be wrong. I like what he says that the revolution is not only in Tahrir but all over Egypt.

I do not know if Ahmed Shoman is the secret weapon of the army to talk to the youth but I do not dare to suspect his intentions and true loyalty to the country especially when I know that he was going to resign because of the rumors online !! May be he took the permission to speak on video to put an end to these rumors that will really turn his life in to a living hell. He spoke about important fact we are ignoring , people began to dislike the revolution and the revolutionaries are being split. It is a fact we can not deny but rather we have to fix from now.

Ahmed Shoman was pardoned by the SCAF and returned back to his position. It is worth to mention that on February 10,2011 he joined the protesters in Tahrir square after giving up his weapon and asked Samy Anan to get rid from Mubarak and also Tantawy.

God bless him already and I hope that the majority of the Egyptian army are of his kind not the kind of military police.

The officers who went to Tahrir square on April 8th and were the primary reason of the disaster that place on April 9th were sentenced 10 years in jail yesterday in front of the military court.

This is a very light sentence despite the objections of human rights organizations and some activists that clearly need some course in military laws and life , these men in any other time can face death sentence for God sake in any other country. Shoman himself faced either death sentence or 25 years in military jail if it were not for public pressure and pleas.

Can we pay attention to the rights of the civilian protesters instead !? With my due respect these officers were being prosecuted in front of their own judge , we want our civilian protesters to be stand in front of their own judge.

Update : Just like Kamilia video appearance , people began to suspect that he is forced to say what he said or he was brainwashed !!!! Well thank God they are not saying that this is his double !! The conspiracy theory is an Egyptian tradition !!

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  1. There is such a thing as an oath, an officer's honor ... unfortunately many are not familiar ....


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