Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dr.Mosaab’s right : Where is Hatem El-Gably !?

Dr. Mosaab El Shaer
When doctors had their strikes in the past weeks , some people accused them of abandoning their oath still nobody wondered about former minister of health Hatem El Gably and his aides’ oath during the revolution.
Nobody brought up the accountability of Hatem El-Gably and his aides in the tragic events during the early days of January 28th revolution.
Who gave the orders to public hospitals ambulances not to transfer the injured  ??
Who gave the orders to public hospitals ambulances to transfer snipers to the heart of Tahrir square in order to kill protesters ?? Oh yes my dear friends the ambulances of public hospitals used to transfer snipers instead of saving injured !!?
Who gave orders to public hospitals to shut down its internal radio emergency network in the country during these days !!? Oh yes it was shut down !? 
This is the testimony of Dr. Mosaab Akram El-Shaer who is currently undergoing treatment in Germany , he got in his body not less than 200 shrapnel wounds !!
Tahrir TV : Dr. Mosaab El-Shaar speaks with Mahmoud Saad
Dr. El Shaer’s survival was a divine miracle , the young man had a near death experience , real one. He was shot in point blink in Cairo at Kasr Al Nil bridge massacre. He stayed for 48 hours in hospital as anonymous patient , only recognized by an old friend whom he did not see for 6 years !! This the top of the ice berg for me when you hear about Dr. Mosaab’s agony and what he had been and has been through.
Dr. Mosaab wants justice , he wants the justice for those who are paralyzed   , for those who lost their eyes and for those who gave their lives for the sake of Egypt.
      I want a riffle to make Mubarak and Adly blind
After his interview on Tahrir TV , I found many people saying that they are going to Tahrir square this Friday only to demand justice for Mosaab and thousands of Egyptian revolutionaries.


  1. ده نقطة من بحر علي فكرة ... في أحمد غريب و في كمان ولد كان مكتوب عنه في الدستور و فلقد للذاكرة دلوقتي نتيجة للاهمال في العلاج

  2. Zenobia, why do you talk only about what happened during revolutsii Why not talk about what is happening now? "The fact to which ass is now in Egypt?" The fact that there was chaos and anarchy? "The fact that no one respects the laws and right? "The fact that people are afraid for their lives and their property, why not talk about what turned your revolution for the people of Egypt? Tahrir is not the whole of Egypt" and a handful of people have no right to decide on behalf of all people!


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