Saturday, May 7, 2011

Meet presidential candidate Mortada Mansour

All people are watching Kamilia Shehata’s interview on Christian "Al-Hayat channel" and are discussing it while I am watching this clip over and over wondering how Mortada Mansour was acquitted in the camel battle case.

Here is a video showing Mortada Mansour at Mustafa Mahmoud square on February 2nd,2011 attacking the revolutionary protesters in Tahrir square whom he attacked cowardly.

Indeed he did not call the pro-Mubarak protesters to head to Tahrir square now but he said that if these “kids” did not leave the square by Thursday midnight, he and the Mustafa Mahmoud gang would go and kick them out of the Tahrir by shoes !! Is not this a call for violence !?

This man announced that he will run for presidency of Egypt from two weeks ago !!

Now he is appearing on TV channels claiming that he and his sons went and stayed at Tahrir square, this video shows that he hated and despised those Tahrir kids he is claiming to support now !!

Mortada Mansour defended Mubarak claiming that the former president had never travelled to Israel which is untrue, Mubarak visited Israel once during Rabin’s funeral in 1995. This is a fact.
Mubarak in Tel Aviv shaking hands with Shimon Perez 
I really wish that lawyer /political activists/Al Wasat party founder Essam Sultan sues Mortada Mansour for insulting him in this vulgar way.

Why am I blogging about Mortada Mansour?

Because he is causing a lot of noise, he is like a distraction should be stopped immediately.
The thing is that he is provoking enough to distract us not to mention we know his dirty tricks.
 Mortada is from the pillars of the counter-revolution,he hates this revolution and considers it only uprising. It is worth to mention that he is currently kissing the SCAF’s ass in the media.

Please spread this video as much as you can.

I hope that either Ibrahim Eissa on Tahrir TV or Yosri Fouda on On TV hosts this man in order to put an end for his lies on air. I really wish that Yosri Fouda hosts him as a presidential candidate , he should have his full opportunity !!
Update :
Thanks to @krE80 we are reminded that last year Mansour claimed that he was not good for presidency because he is a nervous person.


  1. للأسف هناك أشياء كثيرة في حياتنا الآن صارت عصية على الفهم

  2. Central casting needs this guy for Godfather IV!

  3. I would never voted for somebody like this who acted like thug and thinking he is a King with his money!! Egypt will be back in darkness and corruption is this man become their President!!!


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