Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trump of Arabia

What you get if you mix Donald Trump and Fox News ? You will get a priceless racist ignorant interview !!

Trump of Arabia

“Arab countries would not even exist without us !!” Where shall I start !!? Shall I start with the fact that there are Arab countries or rather nations existed before the United States !!? In fact I do not think that I will bother to comment on this man because his answers show arrogance and ignorance , it seems that he educated himself about the history the region through watching Laurence of Arabia !!

The American administration did not get involved in Kuwait for the sake of humanity and all this jazz of world peace but for the oil and the fact it got a foothold in the MENA to protect Israel , it was a golden opportunity. Kuwait paid and is still paying unfairly a tough price from its oil and its land because of its liberation.  Seriously if it were up to me , I would thank the Americans for their effort and ask them to leave the Gulf , already  as it seems that the Peninsula shield force can protect the Gulf now with the arms more than any place in the world !!

To be honest I respected only that he just jumped to the point and said that it is all about the oil because I have news to Trump : We know that the American administration only cares for Oil , it is an old fact , go back to your TV Show !!

I hope that the Sheikhs of UAE especially in Dubai do not invite this racist ignorant man again in Emirates again for any reason or any event for the sake of their dignity.

Speaking about Fox News Why does nobody dare to ask Prince Talal Bin Aziz’s opinion about his son’s partnership with Murdoch !?


  1. I am an american I want to tell you that I hate fox news and this man is an embarrassment to all Americans.. I am soo happy that I live in Egypt and this is my home! Dear God I pray that Obama gets elected again!

  2. Alas Zeinobia, You did comment.It wasn't worth your time! Or ours.

  3. What do you mean "still paying unfairly a tough price from its oil"? They are selling their oil at market prices; America gets no discounts.

  4. this man has a deep hatred for arabs/muslims, he is a slave of israel, he is very dangerous and he will win the next US election.

    i hope we are wiped off the map from marakesh to manama by a nuclear bomb, if we are divided and weak, retards like this will continue to insult and humiliate us and so we dont deserve to live.

  5. Lawrence of Arabia is a historical fact. While Arab countries did exist in North Africa without US or Western influence, those Gulf States with their self-proclaimed Royals were no nations rather than tribes who made a living of robbing pilgrims bound for Mecca & Medina.

    Who says that the retarded Al Saud family is of Royal blood? Is their any other country on earth which is named after a degenerate ruling family made of inbreeds?

    Here Trump is right: without help from abroad those Bedu wouldn't have pumped a single drop of oil and they would still be under Turkish rule.

  6. You are looking at the next US president, but of course there is always another right winger in waiting.

  7. Trump left the Western Oil companies out of the picture and people like the Bushes and the Kochs who have been really screwing the US consumer for 50 years. He doesn't have a chance. Obama doesn't need our prayers its the Republicans who need to pray. They nearly destroyed the world economy. They can't be trusted to manage affairs again

  8. I am not surprised as I remember where FOX News located Egypt in February after weeks of protest.

    It's comedy called news

  9. Oh sorry, the map of FOX News was not created this year (at least) but two years ago. It just came to my attention this February. Good news: Fox News is not completely resistent to learning.

  10. Donald Trump is not only extremely ignorant,he's also extremely racist... deadly combo! See the controversy about Obama birth certificate, what a shame!

    Actually it would be a blessing if he was candidate in 2012, it'd be an easy victory for Obama. Obama reelection is still the best option for US and the world, when you see all other potentials... Palin and others...


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