Monday, June 13, 2011

And the Gay girl in Damascus turns to be A straight man From the States !!

I will not even categorize this under the label of Syrian revolution because actually the Syrian revolution and the Syrian people are much greater to be associated with this hoax ; in fact if anything the Syrian people are the victim of this silly hoax. I think the Syrian people deserve that apology issued by MacMaster before his readers for using their noble cause.
The true  gay girl in Damascus Mr. MacMaster
in Syria in 2006
For days now the search for Amina overshadowed the agony of the Syrian people and the massacres taking place from north to south in Syria , that fake Amina overshadowed the funerals taking place on daily basis. For days the Western media saw nothing in Syria except the face of Jelena Lecic despite all the faces of martyrs , the true Syrian martyrs from these terrible videos posted on a daily basis online .
This case is like a golden opportunity for El Assad media to attack and discredit serious online activists from reporters and bloggers online who jeopardize their life for the sake of their country and not for the sake fake fame.
Why to single out a lady like Amina from a whole population full of a lot of stories !? Was it because of her supposed sexual orientation that made that character so great as a champion of human rights !? Was it because of her American citizenship !? Already I hope the State department sues MacMaster for wasting taxpayers’ money because of the search they conducted to find out the fate of their American citizen Amina. I hope both Lecic and State department sue him for real.
Already since day one , since this post about how Amina’s father was summoned because of her blogging I began to have my doubts because one thing for sure , Syrian regime do not warn bloggers’ parents and give them another chance .Syrian regime arrest bloggers for less serious reasons. The Syrian regime imprisoned blogger Tarek for just commenting on a photo criticizing a police officer in traffic for mistreating a lady !!
Strangely MacMaster did not only exposed liberal orientalism in the Western media only but he also exposed it in himself !!
This was surely one of the biggest internet hoaxes ever in the past few years and for sure it opens the discussion of creditability of anonymous bloggers in areas suffering from huge internet censorship. Of course I can’t ignore the efforts of Andy Carvin , Ali Abunimah and Liz Henry. I really thank them for their effort and their interest.
Thank you so MacMaster , next time you plan to publish your fictional project please do it away from the Arab world and our own struggle for freedom and democracy.


  1. If the Syrian Secret Police get their hands on him they may turn him into a real lesbian.

  2. @anonymous they won't be using dildos that's for sure...

  3. Perhaps he's a gay woman trapped in a straight man's body.


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