Tuesday, June 21, 2011

And here is the Egyptian version of that Moroccan website

Do you remember that Moroccan website discussing the constitutional amendments in Morocco and allowed the users to vote on it !? Do you remember how I expressed my wish to have something similar like that in Egypt !?

Well it seems that my wish has come true thank God : Lets discuss the constitution. The website does not discuss currently the new constitution but rather the Egyptian bill of rights proposed by Dr.Mohamed ElBaradei as well as discussion of all our constitutions during the republic including the idealistic 1954 constitution we had never had.

 Our Moroccan friends helped our Egyptian activists in having this website.

This is beyond the current debate about having the constitution first or parliament first.

Of course I must say that when I blogged the first time about the original Moroccan version of the Website , friends expressed their concern that anyone can vote and participate in the discussion including non Egyptians and that this website is only limited by internet users and those who have access to the internet in Egypt.

I just like the fact we are discussing this now , people must know their rights and the importance of having a real constitution. If after 30 years of Mubarak , young Egyptians begin to have this talk about their own constitution starting online then there is a hope for this nation.

Please spread this website and begin to discuss the Egyptian bill of rights and also our old constitution , consider this as an exercise till the big show starts and the provisional assembly puts down a draft constitution.

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