Saturday, June 25, 2011

Death Match : Man Vs. Lion ; stupidity in its finest form !! “Updated”

So apparently there is some young man , unbalanced young man who thinks that he can wrestle a lion and kill it in a gladiator style in order to promote tourism in Egypt !! Oh yes Egyptian body builder Sayid Essawy would wrestle a lion and could be merciful enough to leave him alive in the death match of the hour !!!

Sayid got a lion from Mamdouh El Halw , the famous lion trainer from the circus family who believed that the lion would kill Sayid  !! “Then why he sold that lion to Sayid !? Already I do not understand how such animal can be sold and transferred in that way !?”

It seems that Essawy wanted it be a huge public event at Mansoura stadium but thankfully the ministry of interior and the ministry of tourism refused to give him the permit. Still it did not stop him because now he is currently fighting the lion at some place , secret place between Mansoura and Damietta at some rice and wheat field !! I do not understand again why the MOI does not arrest this man or stop him !!

Some TV channels and reporters ‘mostly foreigners’ are covering the matter. Do not even ask why some channels are covering such circus when you got the families of martyrs protesting in front of the TV building !? With all what we have in Egypt form news since the revolution and they are running behind this stupid circus show.

The animal rights activists were and are very angry as this is just a case of animal cruelty . Egyptians are angry as well , this is so insulting on so many level.

I know about it through twitter today and its interesting hashtags #Deathmatch and #egygladitor !!

Here is a video report from Time magazine , oh yes Time magazine by Ian Lee !! Sayid Pasha was featured in Time magazine !!

Update :

  • According Wall street journal’s reporter Matt McBradley and tweep JHammond it was a hoax , there was not a real fight but instead Sayed kept jumping around a lion that did not sleep for days and was only fed before the big show a donkey after days of starving !!?
  • Sayid was holding a satellite dish like a shield and 8 pole, kept dancing and jumping around the lion than at the end he threw an Israeli flag on the poor lion !!! This is the just
  • Ok TV channels and reporters should not blame anyone except themselves for covering such fake event.
  • According to Nadia Montasser the police had to interfere in the end and stop the show. They wanted to confiscate the lion and to send it to the zoo but there is a big surprise , they can’t find the lion !!!? Why they do not ask its original owner Mamdoh El-Halw
  • Can I ask one question !? This waste of time would not have taken place today if the reporters did not run after Sayid Pasha !! Is there any sane person thought for one second that Sayid would kill the lion from the first round , it was vice versa for God sake !!

I apologize to waste to your time but this was just too mad to be ignored. Of course since knowing about death match and nothing in my mind except this.


  1. Stupidity has no boarders. When security and stability is maintained, Tahrir Square and Egyptian museum are strong magnet for tourism.

    Western mass media promote controversial and weird issues to dump people down so they get addicted for more.

  2. قرب خدلك حتة ملبن

  3. I think it's cool

  4. Sayed would have KILLED the lion! It was no hoax, he proved his strength and determination to have a fair fight with a lion. If you can't see this, you're all ignorant!

  5. Only a complete moron would think he had any chance against a lion with his bare hands. Why doesn't he grow some balls and fight a proper lion from the wild? That lion's probably being poisoned with every jab of his 'fork'.


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