Tuesday, June 14, 2011

General El Batran’s sister : They killed the witnesses of my brother’s murder

Late general
El Batran 
Dr. Manal El-Batran , the sister of late police general Mohamed El Batran believes that those 4 prisoners who were buried last Thursday as anonymous martyrs were actually among the eye witnesses who saw the former head of prisons in Egypt getting killed by other police officers.
General El Batran was killed at El-Kat prison on January 29th and according to eye witnesses the general was killed by the order of El Adly for opposing his decision to open jails and set the prisoners free to terrorize the citizens. We have got the testimonies of the prisoners whom up till this moment have not been summoned to testify at the public prosecution office. The public prosecution office did send experts to see the crime scene at the prison !! Officially these prisoners were transferred to other jails and El Kat prison was undergoing some restoration works before it was stopped by the orders of the minister after the interview of Dr.Manal on Tahrir TV!! 
Nevertheless Dr. Manal still got witnesses including police officers but she is fears on their safety just like we all do
Dr. Manal El Batran speaks about the murder of her brother at EL Kat prison
The official story adopted by the ministry of interior states that General El Batran was kidnapped by the prisoners who were trying to escape and was used as a human shelter against the fire shots of the other police officers. In other words he was killed by mistake in a friendly cross fire !!
Of course the case of General El Batran can be used to restore the trust between the police force and the public but the ministry is not yet cleaned to think in this way.
If it were not for the efforts of Dr. Manal El Batran, I believe this case would have been forgotten. Dr. Manal is another true example of persistent and strong an Egyptian lady can be despite her sadness.


  1. Dr. Manal is a true Egyptian heroine, and her brother, God rest his soul, was a hero, just like our revolutionaries. We'll know that the revolution is complete when they see justice.

    Maybe one day Egyptians will have leaders that they can be proud of, and respect, and who are worthy to lead them. One day...

  2. I saw the interview on TV. Dr. (Eng.) Manal Batran told the viewers how strange it was that after 6 months of the martyr's death, upon opening up the grave for further investigations, they discovered that her martyred police general brother's body was not decomposed and his face was ruddy and looked as if he was only sleeping. All doctors and scieintists were amazed at this rare phenomenon. I want to remind her that when Mother Teresa died, she didn't 'decompose' and that was another factor that caused the Pope to canonize her and call her a Saint. Manal's brother was a saint. That is the only explanation. And according to stories about his kindness and fairness, I do believe that he was. Please convey this message to the martyr's sister. May Allah rest his soul in peace, Amen, and that justice prevails....


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