Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Syrian Revolution : Hama Massacre in 1982

All the countries of the world who speak about human rights and this jazz should be ashamed of themselves when they have been silent all those years , when they all knew about the massacre of Hama in 1982.

I stumbled in this video which was made by Syrians showing photos I have not seen before for the city of Hama after the attack of El Assad troops.

Hama : The massacre of Hama 1982 New photos

The only thing I can say that I wish all those who participated in this massacre to burn in hell. It is a ghost city !!

The UN must be ashamed of itself , this civilized world must be ashamed of itself on being silent all those years. I do not accept any justification from any kind !!

Anyhow the great people of Hama , the great people of Syria have not forgotten their revenge and they are not waiting for the biased world that abandoned them all those years , they are restoring back their dignity now. Insh Allah they will win in the end .

Again one of the criminals responsible of this war crime is Rifaat El Assad who is currently living in London.

Dear European human rights activists , you know what to do. 


  1. Thanks for your support. By the way, jisr el shghoor (which is being attacked now) was also a victim in the early 80's throwing teenage kids from military helicopters to scare the people. not to mention the massacre of tdmor prison (about 2000 prisoners mainly from hama) who were killed by a special force as "revenge" after a failed assassination to hafez alasad... the list goes on, no body ever cared, actually all arabs supported asad just like they supported saddam who was also a criminal...
    our history is sad and so is the ignorance of our people...

    Omar from hama...

  2. This is so daunting. Still, there are those out there that have the audacity to smear them after everything they've been through and their courage and the suffering of the Syrian (and all the Arab peoples) after everything they have endured. Solidarity with the brave people of Syria, they serve their freedom, peace and happiness!


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