Saturday, July 23, 2011

Camel Battle 2 : Everybody loses

Currently I am sick , my blood pressure is low and strangely it does not want to be raised with all these provoking news since the start of day especially with El Rawoiny’s TV statements or even with the on going Camel battle that took place at Abasseya square.

Strangely El Rawoiny’s prediction was right and there were Molotov cocktails thrown but not at the ministry of defense but rather at Abassaya square by the thugs along with the angry Abassaya dwellers. The protesters did not throw anything unlike what he predicted !!

Not less than231 protesters are injured according to the official estimations while the unofficial estimations speak about more than 600 injured and 4 dead with no confirmation. Many protesters are allegedly detained while People are trying to escape from the besieged area through safe exists from hospitals in the area. There are reports that some protesters including injured have been arrested from hospitals in the area.

According to the protesters the attack started when the protesters reached to the Abassaya to find the army creating a cordon in front of them , the CSF and police forces are in their back while the thugs as well as the angry Abassaya dwellers were attacking them from the surrounding buildings on both sides with rocks and Molotov cocktails.The Noor Mosque’s Emam has a great role today praying with the protesters. He kept praying for the protesters and later he he asked to return to Tahrir square , already some protesters have arrived safely to Tahrir square while other activists are being trapped at Noor Mosque and other areas.

I do not know why the Cathedral does not open its door for the protesters but may be the protesters could not go there because of the thugs attack.

Now for SCAF , well for weeks now there are strange indications , strange rumors and movements that puzzles concerning their future moves : Are we heading an old Turkish scenario or are we heading to a coup or what !? I did not want to write about SCAF lately because honestly of the amount of rumors I have heard and read but what happened today or rather in the past 48 hours are forcing me to re-connect the dots.

I have expected this attack since the morning and unfortunately when I shared my concerns and asked the people to cancel the march , I was being attacked and accused of being Mubarak’s regime and being a coward…etc. Already I did not like the idea of the march and going to the ministry of defense , again the army is not the police and the majority of  Egyptian like the army and do not like the police , if you claim otherwise then you do not know the real Egyptian people and live in illusions.

We should have new strategy and tactics , one of the major generals in SCAF once said that they do not act except if they see millions in Tahrir Square and other squares then this should be our primary focus. We have to be united again , we are divided now and no longer united . Already I do not know how some wonder that the revolutionaries do not rule ,how they will rule and they do not have leadership or even united.

Back to unity and common goals for real , realistic common goals like having elections as soon as possible.

I am tough on the protesters because now it is up to us to make this revolution either succeed wisely or fail foolishly thanks to us.

We are losing the Egyptian street more and more , anyone tells you that other that or says that we do not need the Egyptian street , please remind him that the revolution , real revolution in those 18 days would not see the light the Egyptian street. Revolutionary arrogance is a deadly sin along with revolutionary romanticism.

I know that SCAF will depend as always on the popularity of Egyptians among the people , the normal Egyptians despised by many activists and are being labeled the unneeded couch party , which is clever move. Mubarak despised the silent majority and thought that they would not revolt against him but they did and you only have to search in the YouTube videos from January 28th to see across Egypt. We need the silent majority in our side more than ever now.

By the way most of the martyrs who were killed in the revolution were actually from the silent majority as usual and as expected.

There is a big question now who were those thugs attacking the protesters !? Aside from those old thugs hired by the police and the Mubarak’ bastards who called the old dictator’s supporters today at their Facebook page to attack the protesters the people of Abassaya joined the attack according to many eye witnesses and this is dangerous by all measures and shows you the result of neglecting the normal Egyptians.

I will not say what some would like to hear because I am speaking here about my country and the future of this great country. I will not keep what I believe it is right when hundreds are being injured and face death along with military trials that threat their entire future. I will not just do that.

I do not think there will be a million man protest next Friday organized by the Islamists’ powers after what happened today.

Today everybody loses , today no one won and unfortunately Egypt was the biggest loser.

Happy f*cking 23rd of July for real.


  1. i tweeted this on 12th july " Bakrr Bakr
    كل ما أخشاه.. وأقولها ثانية.. أخشى معركة جمل حقيقية.. ولكن بين المصريين والثوار.. وسيكون اسوؤا يوم فى حياتى .. المسئولية على عاتق المعتصمين
    12 July

    and i wrote this on1 july
    رسالة إلى إخوانى النشطاء

    am very sorry that no 1 looks far ahead.

    u did a good job early today trying to cancel such a march....

  2. sorry to hear that you are not feeling well Z. I wish you a speedy recovery and I hope you will try to have a good rest and not to think too much. It is very frustrating seeing and reading news everyday about chaos in Egypt. I just dont understand who is this thugs and who paid them to attack the peace protestors and I was really shocked to learn that the military and police were there and they saw everything and yet they didnt try to stop this thugs from attacking people and throwing rocks or Molotov cocktail at people! this thugs and those who pays them to create this chaos is like cancer that will eat and destroy Egypt! they need to be stopped immediately and the military need to show the people that they are with the revolutionaries and speed up the process of punishing those who committed crimes ASAP and listen to its own people demands. The SCAF and military job is to protect the country and its people and to help the transition of the country and not monopolizing it.

  3. Well-put, your point that revolutionary arrogance and romanticism are deadly sins are spot-on. This over-zealousness for creating "fouda" (chaos)is turning people against the revolution and seeks to alienate the demonstrators who I believe are well-intentioned. Our focus needs to be on uniting people again under a cause. Also I believe the demands of the revolutionaries are all over the place. No military trials, speedy trials for Mubarak and old ministers, compensation for martyr families, new constitution, etc. - but what do all these stem from? how will all this change? the overall goal and demand must be simple and that is REMOVAL OF MILITARY RULE. Nothing will change until we either have a transitional CIVILIAN government or we have elections.

    Statements 69 and 70 make it officially clear that SCAF is looking out for their own vested interests and using rhetoric of the old regime and techniques of the old regime. We are heading into nearly 6 months of military rule and I fear more than that, we'll find ourselves back to where we were after the military coup of 1952. rabena yostor.

  4. Zenobia it is increasingly obvious that you do not have the resolve to fight the army, you are clearly under the same hypnotic spell that afflicts the majority of your countrymen. You think change will come by appealing to the army and not by opposing them. Yours is the attitude of a child towards its paternalistic guardian, yours is the attitutude of the ancient Egypt.
    You are naive, at best, and counter-revolutionary at worst. The army are doing everything they can to prevent the disintegration of the old regime, of which THEY were the mainstay. The army, and no other institution, now stands between the Egyptian people and their dream of civilian democracy. Do you really think they will hand over powere unless they are forced to do so?!

  5. Someone needs to go to Abbasaya right now, while the incident is fresh and find out who was attacking the protesters. Undoubtedly there were the usual paid thugs but were any local residents involved? Did the police or the army incite them to attack the protesters (the media does that consistently without charge). Perhaps police officers or army officers visited the shops before the protesters arrrived and told them that a groupd of thugs was on the way and the way and that they would attack their shops. Perhaps the police/army told them to "defend yourselves, because we are not able to help you", these officers may even have told the locals to make a premptive attack on the protesters in order to drive them out of the area before they could attack the shops.
    Whatever the truth, it could be investigated, and needs to be investigated by revolutionaries.
    You can start by finding a shopkeeper who is sympathetic to the cause and asking him what he heard.

  6. It is the media that is turning people against the protesters, the protesters must continue to do what they are doing, being a pain in the ass. Asking them to moderate their actions is like asking them to stand down, they should do nothing to appease public opinion so long as public opinion is still being determined by the old regime, that would be defeat, pure and simple. (ideological war is war too!)
    If this had been a real revolution then the media would have been overthrown along with the old government and there would be no-one left to attack the revolution. You bloggers clearly have no stomach for the real fight, the dirty one, the one of blood and bone not cyberspace - the revolution needs to be so powerful that it removes its critics in the media, it should never appease those critics.

  7. Roweini and the rest of the military council helped to plan the baltageya in Abbasiya. Roweini said he knew that there would be protests at 4:30 and exactly what weapons would be used. Reports are saying that the thugs came pretending to be the protesters and told the residents that thugs were about to come and destroy the shops on the first floor and throw molotov cocktails. When the real protesters arrived, the thugs did what they said they would do- so the residents thought the protesters were destroying the square.

    Roweini and the rest of the military council are liars with an agenda to put Sami Ennan in place as the president. Roweini himself told Dina Abdelrahman that he would tell lies to the protesters in Tahrir- then Dina's show Sabah Dream was canceled.

    The army council is acting EXACTLY like Mubarak and Shafiq (which isn't surprising since they were appointed by Mubarak- and he wouldn't appoint anyone he didn't trust 100%). We're going back to the days in which the media is heavily censored and shows are canceled because the presenter said something the president/military council doesn't like.

  8. Why do not you understand that people are tired of playing revolution.All want a quiet, normal life.

  9. Where were the Ihwan, when this happened? They came to the rescue at Camel Battle I. Now they join ranks with the army! Is this because the youth reject the idea of an Islamic republic?

    Interesting: the Ihwan youth disagrees with their fundamentalist elders who want to send Egypt 2000 years back.

  10. "Why do not you understand that people are tired of playing revolution.All want a quiet, normal life."

    Because Mubarak and his henchmen murdered 847 innocent people. Do you want to live your precious quiet life on the graves of your brothers and sisters? Don't you have any decency? Don't you feel any compassion? Is it just about you and your quiet normal life? Does "normal" mean to you, that everything is good as long as others are killed and tortured so that you may live comfortably???


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