Thursday, July 14, 2011

The MOI did have Snipers Mr. Minister "Updated"

Minister Mansour Eissawy has been denying since day one that the ministry of interior got a snipers units till he made us suspect the presidential guards.
Well may be when Eissawy was in police forces from 16 years ago , there was no snipers unit but there was a snipers unit in the force in year 2004.
What type of riffle was that !? "Karim Ibrahim"

Here is a photo from the famous raid or rather war the police force launched against the controversial infamous Ezzat Hanfi in Qena “I know some will consider him as a rebel now !!”
I don’t what type this riffle was but friends are telling me that it is something called “PS5” or something similar. It looks to me a sniper riffle.
Now here is the list for the officers in the reshuffle movement. After few hours from the reshuffle we found the people of Alexandria objecting the appointment of Khaled Gharba as the head of Alexandra’s security directorate. Gharba has terrible reputation and is being labeled “The butcher of Mahalla” for his role to end the uprising of Mahalla in 2008.
Another Lt.general is being under fire currently Mohamed Rafaat Qomssan, the new minister aide for elections. Now despite a friend is telling me that he is a respectable fine man , he is facing huge accusations that I can’t ignore especially I know how respectable police generals can be with other Egyptians from their own class. Even the Muslim brotherhood group is against him and is demanding the army to purge him for his role in electoral fraud in past elections . I believe currently Qomssan is not the best man at all to hold this position with his history. I will raise the bar and say that this position needs a civilian not a policeman.
Another thing Rosa Al Youssef Daily claims allegedly that Mubarak and El Adly gave the FBI the archive of our National IDs , finger prints and criminal records despite Omar Soliman refused that along with Hassan Abdel Rahman of SS !! Despite I know Mubarak would this but I find it hard to give the archive of our national IDs as we are speaking about not less 60,000,000 million registered Egyptians if I am not mistaken. Another thing I do not like how Rosa Daily shows Soliman as the good guy along with Hassan Abdel Rahman Pasha !! Rosa Daily claims this is based upon leaked American documents so if you stumble in these documents online please tell as I can’t find them.
Updated : 
Thanks to my friends I got more info about the snipers issues in the Egyptian ministry of interior.
The police snipers


  1. The rifle in the photo looks like a German Heckler and Koch (H&K) PSG1A1. Considered one of the best sniper rifles in production today. It is considered more appropriate for police units (SWAT, etc) than for military use. There is a Wiki entry for this.

  2. About alexandria they appointed an officer called khaled shalaby he is known in alexandria by being brutal and know by using torture there is many stories u can hear a lot about him by just sitting in coffee shop in alex and mentioning his name many will tell u stories he was even know by khaled erkab because whenever he sees a citizen walking alone at night he stop him and tell him erkab and may god be with the unlucky person who would meet him at night , they brought him back to alex in modereyet el amn , before i wrote my comment to you i made a google search on his name there was many results here is one of them please take a look also type in google his name in arabic khaled shalaby , i guess it does not matter ending the service of 500 generals without establishing a new egyptian police that protect people and respect human rights and the dignity of the egyptian people with having officer like shalaby in the service it says that nothing change in the ministry of interior , at last thank so much for your writing and effort

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