Wednesday, July 13, 2011

¿Dónde está Hussein Salem?

The amazing cousins Tarek Shalaby and Mohamed Radwan are currently in Spain and they are searching for Hussein Salem in Madrid. “Oh yes they are”
This is another new leap for Egyptian citizen journalism indeed as the duo are live broadcasting what they are doing in Madrid. Shalaby also launched a special hashtag on twitter #WhereisHusseinSalem.
Now Shalaby and Radwan decided to pay a visit to Senior Hussein Salem at Gregoria Maranon hospital in Madrid and as true gentlemen they bought flowers. “They did not buy chocolates or oranges though !!” They claimed to be his son Khaled’s friend and asked to about him at the famous hospital and amazingly our boys found out that Salem was not there at the hospital at all after a tour there. Tarek does not know thought if Salem was admitted to the hospital or he was not admitted at all.
Hussein Salem
May be the hospital reception knew about their distinguished patient and how special he was and decided not to let anyone to visit him. They could know that the media in Egypt is dying to film him.
The Egyptian media claims that he is still there.
Interestingly enough today Al Hayat TV claimed that Hussein Salem’s daughter Magda was arrested as well in Spain , she was accused in that money laundry case !!
There is a new case facing Salem : The takeover of a national reserve in Luxor. Tomorrow the ministry of justice will question former PM Atef Ebeid about how Salem managed to buy the 38 acres at Al Baidia island “National reserve” for LE 9 million when it is worth LE 209 million !! The sale of this island or rather these acres was the direct order of Atef Ebeid. Al Baidia was originally following Al Mania and its dwellers were kicked off from their homes in 2010 after turning it in to a natural reserve if I am not mistaken.
There is actually another accusation , dangerous accusation facing not only Salem but also Mubarak : Assassinating Rafaat El Mahgoub. I believe this case deserves a standalone post. Speaking about Mubarak and Salem , tomorrow Al Masry Al Youm Daily and Youm 7 Daily are going to publish leaks from Mubarak and Omar Soliman’s interrogations “How they were leaked , why they were especially now” and allegedly Mubarak denied being Salem’s best friends. Allegedly Mubarak claimed that he had seen Salem once in the States when he was a vice president !!!

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