Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shall we fear from these police major generals !?

Mansour Eissawy announced the biggest reshuffle movement in the history of MOI today which is as follows :
  • It will include 4000 police officer across the country
  • The ministry ended the service of 505 major general and 82 brigadier general and 82 colonel which means they will get pensions.
  • 18 major general and 9 colonels involved in the killing of the protesters included in that reshuffle.
Eissawy at the press conference
By Sherine Tadros 
Of course it is worth to mention that Eissawy insisted that the ministry of interior has not got and had not got any snipers before the revolution or during the revolution or after the revolution. He also insisted that whoever killed the protesters after January 28th was not from the police force as the police force withdrew from its positions on that day and did not show up its face till February 11th !! “The minister did not mention why the police force left its positions in the first place
Ok setting aside the issue of the snipers , I will not hide my concern from those 505 police major generals and how they may form some sort of rogue counter revolution.It is worth to mention that we do not have list with the names of these generals , may be the list will be published tonight at the official State newspaper aka the Original Egyptian Chronicles.
Another thing the statement of the minister admits that we are having is a revolution not January 25th events nor movement like how some are calling it currently.
According to source in the ministry this is the first and most important part of the reshuffle movement while the second part will be announced on Saturday.


  1. I share your fear. These people, no matter what their rank is should be put under close monitor. And I would vote that they should not even get involved in the Egyptian political life, to the extent of preventing them from voting in any coming elections.

  2. I share your concerns and fears as well. Unfortunately I'm not very optimistic about how things are done right now. And for those who believe that there are no snipers in the MOI, check this picture:

  3. You have grounds for your fear but only from a small daring fraction. These are OLD people... who got their power by obeying orders in their OFFICE. Remove them from office and they are broken old men.. disturbed too.. just like Ahmad Zaki in his great movie, zawgat ragol mohem. A bit younger more daring officers may make some trouble. But definitely less than what they can do with their official clout.


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