Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mogama El Tahrir to be opened tomorrow "Updated"

El Mogama El Tahrir will start working again in the morning insh Allah according to our true revolutionary protesters at Tahrir Square. You must know that the main groups like 6th April Youth and the Revolution Youth coalition were against the shut down of this important administrative building.
Shutting down of Mogama was not the brightest idea for escalation as it gave the opportunity to the enemies of the revolution to use it against and against the current sit in at the square. 
We need the people in our side , we do not want to turn them against us by these provocations. Hundreds if not thousands go to the Mogama on a daily basis to finish official paper works ,we will not stand against them for one second if we truly we want the best for Egypt. Again Mubarak and Soliman had warned the world from chaos in Egypt if the revolutionaries won so we should not fall in to this trap.
Already I do not know who was behind this idea and that other idea of blocking the metro line “Which was totally refused” but I know there are certain faces and names that got strange and suspicious roles in the Tahrir sit in this time unlike last time in the winter. It starts with one person with crazy idea trying to encourage others using their revolutionary feelings without knowing they are being used for certain goals away from their noble goals. “Sometimes it is against their noble goals actually
Again thanks to our true revolutionaries and hopefully insh Allah no one in the morning will stand against the re-opening of the Mogama.
Update : 
It is opened now .
Here is a the video of re-opening the Mogama again , the protesters welcomed the employees with a revolutionary reception of pro-revolution chants and national anthem.
The protesters hanged a bigger banner at the entrance of the building that says : 
Opened by the orders of the revolution 
By Mr. M. Montasser
 You must know that the protesters had a survey in the past two days whether they should open the building or not and the majority as I hinted above was with the re-opening of the building.
The protesters also distributed a statement at the building directed to its employees. The statement tells the employees that the sit in is not against their work at all and it will not stand their work as well. It called the employees to join the sit in if there is any in the future. 


  1. " You must know that the main groups like 6th April Youth and the Revolution Youth coalition were against the shut down of this important administrative building."

    Whose idea it was then? I think it was totally useless, taken the fact that people just last friday came to Tahrir in full force. Why to interrupt daily life, when protest just began? Despite it gives a nasty precedence, when you get enough people it's somehow "OK" to disallow people going to work.

    What if some counter-revolution gang gets enough people at Tahrir and disallows people going to work? I've been in an impression that April 6th has a notable following, if not biggest.

  2. as7a7 matamesh7/13/2011 06:16:00 PM

    العيسوي بيضحك علينا 505 لواء كانو طالعين معاش بمعاشات 4000 جينة في الشهر ويقول كنة مطالبات الثروه و المتهمين حطهم في وظائف مكتبية و مش هاين حتى عليه يقول ثورة و يقول "أحداث 25 يناير !

  3. Say, you really are stupid or do you want all Egyptians make fools? It's like a bad dream ........


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